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NL's Dannett: 10 words per second with gusts up to 50

Published: September 22, 2021 | Mike DiMauro

Dannett a study in positivity

Will anybody in New London help the falsely accused?

Published: September 21, 2021 | Mike DiMauro

"Innocent until proven guilty" has become a stratospheric lie, right up there with "the check's in the mail" and "I only had one beer, officer."

It turns out that Jason Pellum is innocent

Jason Pellum's determination clears his name of wrongdoing.

The H.S. football player who is making me a better dad

There's a difference between being a father and a dad.

As Sept. 11 passes, have we really learned anything?

We should have learned something from Sept. 11 the first time. Let's try not to be frauds in the wake of the 20th anniversary.

Setting sail for a great cause ... and to honor the late Todd Wilkins

It has been suggested that the most painful goodbyes are the ones never explained. And there is no explanation for what befell Todd Wilkins, a vibrant young guy, who died in 2003 from cancer. He was 33.

Edsall bailed on UConn? Actually UConn bailed on Edsall

UConn football is Dead Program Walking following the university's foibles

Edsall to retire; now who'd be dumb enough to want this job?

Edsall retires leaving a Herculean task for his successor

It's hard to take UConn football seriously one minute longer

UConn football hits its lowest low in loss to Holy Cross

East Lyme's Jack Biggs: The guy who can coach anybody

EL's Biggs is a coach for all seasons ... and people.

Elci: Connecticut's next state troubadour?

Steve Elci's music may have statewide appeal soon

Is UConn football aware of its perception problem?

UConn football should make better use of the state media

Dr. I: Why are these 'unmask our kids' people so angry?

Random thoughts from the sports world, as brought to you by Dr. I.

Todd Donovan: The scout who found Yanks' Velazquez

East Lyme native Todd Donovan signed Yankees shortstop Andrew Velazquez while scouting for Arizona.

Sports are a great vehicle to get the masses vaccinated

Four FBS programs will require vaccine/negative COVID tests this year for stadium entry. UConn football coach Randy Edsall said Tuesday he's not in favor.

Waves of clarity while watching the waves pelt NL beach

Plenty of lessons learned from Mother Nature

Jackie MacMullan: knowledge, insight, humor, humility

Jackie MacMullan retires as a journalistic great

No more eggshell walking: no vaccine, no play

State leaders stance on COVID and sports not strong enough

New London schools can find salvation through sports, arts

Here are two ways to increase the new high school's cachet: sports and arts.

Ocean Beach: where lifeguards truly preserve the sanctity of life

Lifeguards at Ocean Beach earn commendation for their skills.

Ah, the perils of COVID-19 H.S. football

The high school football season begins with many questions.

Vaccines should be mandatory to play HS sports this fall

Unvaccinated kids will imperil whether sports go on as scheduled

A summer to celebrate sports again in New London

Olympian, two baseball teams bring honor to New London

Introducing The Day Holiday Classic (featuring UConn commit Donovan Clingan)

The Day to showcase holiday hoops classic at Mohegan Sun Arena

Who is brave enough to make vaccines mandatory to return to high school?

Somebody's got to be brave enough to stand up for the segment of society that has tried to do the right thing, only to watch COVID-19 surge again.

Dr. I: The greatest loss in New London sports history

Random thoughts from the sports world

UConn football: forgotten, but not gone

UConn football about to begin after a year hiatus

Is it possible "Indians" isn't so offensive after all?

The nickname "Indians" may stay in Montville after all.

It's time to call him Jack Barclay, Hall of Famer

IAABO to give Barclay lifetime award.

Sports are better around here when New London is good

United NL Babe Ruth team heads to regionals this week.

Is this the beginning of a beautiful (New London-Waterford) friendship?

New London, Waterford have the chance to combine youth football programs.

We're gonna miss ya, Georgie G

No one story defines George Gianakos. But lessons endure.

Griffin Beaney: What's a little bone marrow between strangers?

Waterford High School/Villanova grad saves a life donating his bone marrow.

Big Brother has turned into Everybody and Their Brother

Watch what you say. You never know who's recording.

UConn hierarchy should answer for its neglect of female athletes

Our flagship state university has failed to comply with the federal law instrumental in giving women equal opportunity for the last 50 years.

This week on Twitter: Michael D. vs. Michael Kay

Some drink from the fountain of knowledge. Others merely gargle.

Mike Burrows making his way despite 'eating gas station food'

Waterford native Mike Burrows pitching well at Class A Greensboro.

Of speaking 3 languages, playing the viola and the 'Handa-bar' mustache

Ever see a viola-playing, Yale-educated lefty? Ladies and gentlemen: Rohan Handa.

Dr. I: See ya, Kemba ... and fireworks are dumb

Random thoughts from the sports world.

The night the 'Sports Doctor' was 'Coach O'Brien'

GameDay's O'Brien coaching hoops this summer

Who's busier than Dr. Leah Champ Burdick? Nobody, that's who

New London's Leah Champ Burdick finds the time to live a busy life.

Happy retirement, Ann Miller: Nobody else did it better

Miller retires after 39 years in NL public schools

Of Gerrit Cole, Paul Menhart, spin rate and soft contact

One needn't throw 100 mph to be an effective pitcher

St. Germain, Gleason: The best (and funniest) at what they did

Recently retired Old Lyme coaches always left us laughing.

H.S. football in our state remains a land of unequal opportunity

CIAC's continues to perpetuate a caste system

Teachers, coaches, ADs: a heartfelt thank you (and other thoughts)

Clearing out the spring sports notebook ...

A loss in the present but a win for the future in East Lyme

East Lyme reminded us all over again that sports are at their best with a rattle and hum in the atmosphere.

RIP Dave Pesapane: Educator, football coach ... and just a regular guy

There aren't many stories from the great old days at St. Bernard that, directly or tangentially, didn't involve Dave Pesapane, who sadly died at his home last month in Raleigh, N.C.

Mocking a bunch of high school kids is unbecoming

Adults could learn a lot from the kids

Connor Podeszwa: What, him worry?

Life is hectic and fun in the Podeszwa house this spring.

Of Peter, Curtis, "Those People" and good in the wake of tragedy

"Those People" shows how this country works best when we include everyone of all colors, religions, ancestries and orientations who learn with, play with, sing with and learn about each other.

Bono, CCSU baseball: Play for keeps and groundskeep, too

Old school values propel Bono, CCSU into NCAA baseball tournament.

We're not bumpkins, so let's keep the grass green

Our accomplishments and attractions shine the spotlight on other aspects of life here

Fitch's Mireault: patron saint for us fading baseball traditionalists

Fitch pitcher Ethan Mireault sustains all the habits of a good crafty lefty.

Who at the the University of Hartford has the courage to compel change?

'The Neighborhood' must unite and save UHart.

Liz Cambage and the double standard that's not going away

WNBA star Liz Cambage gets away with threats because she can.

If we have to apologize for advocating sportsmanship, I'll need therapy

Unwritten rules of baseball exist for a reason.

Biden's visit to city can't hold a candle to reopening of Dutch Tavern

The city's 81-year-old Grande Dame is open again

Sun's 'engagement level' couldn't be higher

Sun play with inspiring effort in win over Phoenix

Black son, Black daughter, Cambodian brother and White parents

The Miskiewicz family of Norwich is quite the cultural blend

No more confidentiality for users of the N-word

At some point, we need to start teaching kids about consequences, accountability, responsibility and the fallout for abdicating personal decency.

Lesson learned: Shut up and be grateful

Sometimes, we're reminded of what truly matters with lessons we won't soon forget.

From grounders at Ocean Beach to 'dogpiles' on the Mitchell turf

Championships keep rolling in at Mitchell College

Dr. I: Sometimes, nothing says it better than profanity

Random thoughts from the sports world

MLB: 1,092 more strikeouts than hits. So let's fire Chili Davis

Baseball has an approach problem. Not a hitting coach problem.

The XL Center is far too valuable to become a parking lot

It's time to renovate a building with wide-ranging cachet.

Two outs in the ninth and ... 'Yankees suck!'

The Mets and Sox, enemies from back in '86, found solidarity amid anxiety.

Sara Buscetto: stealing bases, feeding faces, selling places

Sara Buscetto finds the time to work, earn a real estate license and steal bases.

Judge's gutless dismissal of transgender lawsuit kicks the can down the road

Federal judge dismisses lawsuit that would prevent transgender athletes from competing in girls' high school sports in CT

Is the UConn athletic department guilty of violating Title IX?

Rowing team member Erica Bushey: "We just want UConn to treat us like their male athletes."

University of Hartford supporters can't let 'The Big Lie' fool them

Synergy between academics, athletics has always existed

A chance to remember and celebrate the life of Ryan Marshall

Friends, family to gather May 1 to remember Ryan Marshall's life.

Villazante: 39 radiation treatments ... then a 67 at Shenny

Frank Villazante doesn't let radiation treatments for cancer hold him back

University of Hartford leadership fails its athletes, coaches and alums

The cheers from the men's basketball first foray into March Madness had barely softened to echoes when news leaked of the University of Hartford's alleged fiscal woes and dubious future in Division I athletics.

Wear a mask, root for your kid and try not to be a nuisance

ECC reserves the right to remove spectators who do not wear masks this spring

What does Waterford have over East Lyme? Try everything

As Waterford thrives, East Lyme's sports facilities don't compare

Separated at birth: Downtown NL and the 2004 Red Sox

Downtown's potential can only be realized with more police presence

Is it time for H.S. coaches to ban in-season social media posts?

Hitting the 'send' button can imperil seasons, lives

The 'new' Big East: Is that all there is?

Move to Big East requires more of UConn men's basketball.

Tough night, but a good season for 'immature' Huskies

The freshmen lead UConn only so far in 2021.

Of '60 Minutes,' Dave Kindred and a life affirmation

Sunday's '60 Minutes" feature on Dave Kindred shows the power of high school sports.

The night the women were more interesting than the men

They're talking women's basketball. It doesn't matter what they're saying.