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'We urge you not to deny this most holy of all sacraments'

As legislators, we too are charged with being facilitators of the Constitution which guarantees religious freedom for all Americans.

Healthy lawns and a healthy Niantic River

This summer, the Niantic River Watershed Committee is asking residents of East Lyme and Waterford to think about how they use lawn fertilizer.

Wadawanuck was built and may live on

The hotel was dismantled in 1891 by Frank Sylvia and it is alleged that several homes in Stonington Borough were constructed from the salvaged lumber.

We can take the lead in offshore wind-energy technology

The massive investment in offshore wind power will drive technological innovation. Developing a research laboratory in the region will assure much of that new technology is developed here.

Not optimistic then. Not optimistic now. Hoping I'm wrong again.

The world has not turned out to be what I expected. For one, humans have survived. Maybe far more enlightened days are ahead. But probably not.

Push back against intolerance in East Lyme

America gets its strength from its diversity.

Get ready for job interviews, college grads

If you do not know the answer to a question, simply say I do not know. Do not try to fake it or ramble.

Let the people smoke what they choose

Don't let the elite make the rules under which having a menthol smoke is an evil to be banned, but enjoying a fattening caffeine treat at Starbucks is hip and OK.

Big Tobacco uses flavors to launch lifetime addictions

In its own independent report in 2013, FDA found clear evidence that menthol increases initiation and progression to regular smoking, increases dependence, and decreases success in quitting.

Recalling 'silly' men on Memorial Day

Whenever I find myself enmeshed in Memorial Day activities, I think of the men who carried the poppies 34 years ago. They understood the meaning of Memorial Day.

Honoring and remembering fallen service members for Memorial Day

For us, and for fellow Gold Star Families across the nation, Memorial Day is about honoring and remembering the beloved service member we have tragically lost.


Merrill's time in office has been highly consequential

Merrill has lobbied for changes that have improved registration access, including online registration, Election Day registration, and automatic voter...

Party of power, not law and order

Asked to choose between the anti-democracy thugs who assailed America's seat of government, or the small contingent of police officers who valiantly...

Legislature made good on criminal-justice reform promises

Taking collectively, these changes aim to provide fairer juries at the front end of the criminal-justice process and reduce recidivism at the back...


Columnist Red Jahncke

Anti-racist pursuits lose sight of greatest equalizer -- jobs

Among CRT’s many faults is that it seems to have distracted Connecticut officials from what should be the highest priority -- growing the...

Columnist Cal Thomas

Democrats need a day of atonement

Democrats are claiming another victory. They might want to consider establishing an additional special occasion. Given their party's deplorable civil...

Columnist Robert Reich

America's greatest danger isn't China; it's much closer to home

I don't mean to downplay the challenge China represents to the United States. But throughout America's postwar history, it has been easier to blame...