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Why Israelis thought they were safer

The first two intifadas were carried out by Palestinians in occupied territory. This time the rioters were Israeli citizens, born and bred.

Go to Mars? Let's not.

Human migration to other planets makes as much sense as transferring a herd of elephants from the wilds of Africa to Central Park or, since we’re talking about Mars, to the Mojave Desert.

Abbas wanted Biden's attention. Look what it got him.

Biden may be more sympathetic than Trump, but the future of Palestine doesn't rank high on his diplomatic to-do list.

U.S. Senate must pass the ‘For the People Act’

Critics are seemingly so afraid of this bill that their allegations against it have run off the rails into outlandish territory.

Racism and the business of Fox News

Fox's bottom line is insulated from vagaries in the ad market and among viewers by multiyear affiliate deals locked in with pay-TV providers.

If Court rejected vaccine passports, student mandate could fall

Legal experts generally see vaccine passports as constitutional, but we should not assume that this deference to state power would continue under the current Supreme Court.


Community Foundation a priceless partner to LEARN

Supporting equity-based innovation truly enhances the quality of education in southeastern Connecticut.

Lamont: 'I don’t think we need any new taxes right now'

"I’m the guy who doesn’t want to raise taxes. Sometimes that feels a little lonely in this building because we have a long-term habit of doing it (raising taxes)."

Protection again Lyme Disease? Not if anti-vaxxers have their way.

The burning question, with no easy answer, is whether a new Lyme vaccine that is safe and highly effective will be widely accepted.

Hear voices of Noank before regulating its guests

Enacting reasonable and fair regulations will require a zoning commission able to listen to and treat all with respect for and attention to the real facts, not myths, about short-term rentals.

Four big problems with Biden’s ‘infrastructure' plan

The Biden plan would only dedicate about 4% of its spending to highways and bridges. It would spend more on mass transit, which carries less than one-tenth as much passenger traffic as highway.

Rebuild America, grow unions, restore middle class

The American Jobs Plan is poised to create good union jobs by rebuilding our country’s capacity to provide for its people.

Top 10 ways to be less racist

Breaking racism's back requires white people to show a little spine.

Choiniere column in support of offshore wind project was a lot of hot air

The net energy produced from renewable energy development, including offshore wind-power, over its life is quite low. Considerable energy must be invested before a single kilowatt of electricity is delivered.

Solitary confinement is a form of torture. It must end.

There is no dignity in solitary confinement. There is no justice in chaining human beings for 72 hours straight. There is no gain in locking people away in isolation, without human touch or connection, until they lose their minds.

Lamont plan takes your green dollars, doesn't produce green environment

Connecticut Republicans believe there is a better way to protect our environment and achieve cleaner air without asking Connecticut residents to make painful sacrifices when they can least afford it.


Lamont's strong case for holding line on taxes

Lamont’s approach would seem to rule out the hefty tax increases on the rich that his fellow Democrats in the progressive wing of the party...

Free of the mask

We urged people to follow the science in wearing masks, social distancing and getting vaccinated. There is no reason to stop following the science...

Andrew Yang, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the truth about Israel and Hamas

A mayor’s job doesn’t extend overseas? Maybe not, but this wonderful polyglot place cares about its global cousins. And New York stands...


Columnist Froma Harrop

Liz Cheney not headed to the 'political wilderness'

Republicans may expel Liz Cheney from the position of House Republican conference chair, but in terms of national importance, she's going nowhere but...

Columnist Lisa McGinley

How could anyone forget 9/11?

How could anyone who remembers the 9/11 near-miss on the Capitol wave away the implications of the Jan. 6, 2021 assault on that very building?

Columnist Chris Powell

New model needed for nursing home industry

Maybe determining fair compensation starts with recognizing that as a practical matter there really is no market here − that government...