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End electric deregulation. It has failed.

Over the past five years, ratepayers using third-party suppliers have spent over $274 million more on power than if they had stuck with their regular supplier.


School board elections and truth in education

As educators, we know our students deserve the freedom to see a complete picture of our nation and our past — the good and the bad.

Sen. Murphy explains support for Coast Guard Museum in New London

It makes no sense that the Coast Guard is the only historic branch of the armed services with no national museum. The other armed services have over 77 museums between them.

'See me in my totality:' Day copy editor Robin Watson responds to reader

Robin Watson, who was recently hired as a copy editor at The Day, responds to a letter from reader Nicholas Casiano of Norwich about a column Watson was featured in, titled, "Editing while Black," on September 17, 2021.

'It's showtime, Connecticut!'

Connecticut's performing arts unite to bring us all back together.

Trust in meteorology has saved lives. The same is possible for climate science.

Data visualization helped the public better understand the weather shaping their lives, and this enabled them to take action. It also gives us the power to see deadly storms not as freak occurrences, but as part of something else: a pattern.

ARPA funs should alleviate racial and economic disparities

More police officers, $366,000 on surveillance cameras, new uniforms for firefighters, $2 million for sailing lessons for a Stonington-based non-profit? These proposed American Rescue Plan allocations — intended to support COVID-19...

Deep dive: Australia, AUKUS, and Connecticut

Clearly, given the quantum leap in technology called for in AUKUS, EB's expertise in design and construction will be indispensable.

Leonard Pitts Jr.: Republicans 'Make Bigotry Great Again'

As signs of the times go, this one is neon.

A research reserve for Southeastern Connecticut

There are scientists who believe that our Connecticut River communities are uniquely situated to absorb sea level rise because of those marshes. Thus, what we learn about their resiliency can be important elsewhere.

'Never bet against America'

The economic miracle of the past 125 years was and is the United States. With only about 4.3% of the world's population and 6% of the world's land mass, we generate 25% of the world's gross domestic product.


Guns at 30,000 feet

Just as the airline industry is seeking to impose stricter penalties on passengers who create havoc with their behavior on planes, the penalties for...

Confirm Rahm Emanuel for Japan post

It is worth remembering that a U.S. ambassadorship is really about serving American interests abroad, ensuring nothing untoward happens in the...

State Senate Republicans' carrot-and-stick reform

It's hard to say whether they are primarily floating sterner juvenile justice or a jobs training program, but it's clear one aim is rolling back...


Columnist Froma Harrop

Yes, Our Economic Problems Are 'High Class'

This is not to dismiss the challenges facing retailers and other businesses that relied on inexpensive labor and well-oiled supply chains. But how...

Columnist Chris Powell

Biden has rehabbed Trump

What has the Republican Party done this year to earn the resounding approval it has gotten in the most recent national poll by the Gallup...

Columnist Lisa McGinley

Double holiday, single flag

The United States and its flag belong to all its people. That's what I meant to say when I put the flag out on Monday.