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Guns at 30,000 feet

Just as the airline industry is seeking to impose stricter penalties on passengers who create havoc with their behavior on planes, the penalties for attempting to bring a gun on board should be reviewed.

Confirm Rahm Emanuel for Japan post

It is worth remembering that a U.S. ambassadorship is really about serving American interests abroad, ensuring nothing untoward happens in the military arena, building trade and educational partnerships and representing and protecting Americans...

State Senate Republicans' carrot-and-stick reform

It's hard to say whether they are primarily floating sterner juvenile justice or a jobs training program, but it's clear one aim is rolling back police accountability.

The societal shift behind canceled Southwest flights and clogged California ports

Too many employees are paid so poorly and treated so shabbily that any cost-benefit assessment of their jobs was a close call even before the pandemic

Gen. Colin Powell, 1937-2021

The United States is gradually, painfully getting used to the truth that leaders who do great things also make mistakes, and sometimes worse. Colin Powell owned his mistake and continued to serve — visibly, admirably, decently.

School boards need to let the professionals teach

Education officials throughout Connecticut have repeatedly said that CRT, a philosophy developed some 40 years ago that studies the influence of racism in established institutions such as the judicial system, is not taught in the state's K-12 public...

Restore voting rights act

The intent is to put teeth back into the 1965 Voting Rights Act with provisions that answer Supreme Court decisions in 2013 and this year.

FBI goes after hate crimes

The FBI is calling on residents to help them discover and investigate such incidents.

Supply chain labor

Humans are the crucial factor determining when the machinery of global commerce gets back to pre-pandemic working order.

Negotiate Medicare drug prices

Both savings for seniors and investments in highways, bridges and improvements to the energy grid are possible if Americans stop overpaying for Medicare drugs.

Allies of the people

From Riyadh to Hong Kong to Mexico City, journalists who in good faith seek to hold the powerful to account are in the crosshairs.

'Not a random act of violence'

This appeared in The Washington Post. Police in Arlington, Texas, have repeatedly emphasized that the Oct. 6 shooting at Timberview High School was "not a random act of violence." A student drew a gun following a fight and four people...


A slap in the face for frontline workers

The Oct. 18 cartoon, showing frontline workers going from heroes to...

Bordelon looks at issues with a clear eye

Please support our BEST Groton Town Councilor, Portia Bordelon, who won her amazing lone primary against a DTC “approved” (aka...

'Balance Groton with a sensible choice'

Want to save Groton money, help build its economy and help build a better Groton? Pick a strong, hardworking woman with nothing to gain other than...


Columnist Froma Harrop

Yes, Our Economic Problems Are 'High Class'

This is not to dismiss the challenges facing retailers and other businesses that relied on inexpensive labor and well-oiled supply chains. But how...

Columnist Chris Powell

Biden has rehabbed Trump

What has the Republican Party done this year to earn the resounding approval it has gotten in the most recent national poll by the Gallup...

Columnist Lisa McGinley

Double holiday, single flag

The United States and its flag belong to all its people. That's what I meant to say when I put the flag out on Monday.