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Country missed its chance to beat back virus

High vaccination rates could have well prevented the delta variant from taking hold. Now all bets are off, with the potential for mask mandates and other restrictions to return.

Don't repeat tobacco fiasco; direct opioid lawsuit money to crisis

At a Wednesday’s news conference Gov. Ned Lamont and Attorney General William Tong offered assurances the money would be spent on the problem. Sounds great, but count us as skeptical.

Justice for Capital Gazette victims

This case is another grim reminder of workplace gun violence as a risk to anyone anywhere, and of the often underestimated dangers to working journalists.

Challenge of protecting fisheries, developing wind power

Maintaining a commercial fishing industry is important, but so too is expansion of the renewable energy industry. Done right, both priorities can be met.

Bankruptcy adds to sad legacy of Catholic Church scandal

By its very nature, a Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing is a strategy to force creditors, including in this case victims seeking payment of damages, to settle for less than they would otherwise be entitled.

Pension outlook improves, at least a bit

A 'volatility cap' and sustained payments to help catch up on previously unfunded liabilities have improved the outlook and should lead to less funds being directed from other programs to pay for it.

NEC Commission delivers promising rail plan

We are especially pleased that eastern Connecticut was included in the Northeast Corridor Commission's plan.

Gathering news, not misinformation

The Journalism Competition and Preservation Act would benefit the public through the economic stability of news organizations that do their reporting, edit and fact-check their findings, and give the news context. That is trustworthy news. That is...

Is this really an emergency?

Governor Lamont has by and large exercised his pandemic-related emergency powers judiciously and effectively, but the state of the state is far different from the spring of 2020.

US military needs recruits

The U.S. needs to persuade a broader cross section of Americans to consider military service.

Infrastructure bill is long overdue

Congress is working on the largest infrastructure bill in history. Yet to be wrangled is how to pay for it.

Biden can act to make the world safer for women

This is an opportunity for Biden to make good on his campaign promise of restoring American leadership on the world stage.


Coast Guard Museum location as stupid as Captain's Walk

I was born and lived in New London through young adulthood, yet still perceive myself a New Londoner. David Collin’s column July...

Deny health coverage to COVID anti-vaxxers

In an article by Jay Reeves of the AP, "

Groton council damages its own credibility with Respler agreement

Groton’s Town Council has painted itself into a corner with creation of a defective TIF tax policy, its involvement in orchestrating...


Columnist Paul Choiniere

Did you hear the one about restoring Congress's war authority?

If a proposal introduced by Chris Murphy and two fellow senators manages to gain bipartisan traction, it would mark a historic recalibration of the...

Columnist S.E. Cupp

Megyn Kelly’s vile attack on Naomi Osaka

Kelly is needlessly perpetuating the stigmas that prevent people from seeking help, that keep their pain a secret, that can end tragically.

Columnist Red Jahncke

Newsflash: On jobs, Connecticut is doing terrible

The evidence suggests workers are leaving the state for greener pastures. But not state workers, they're paid too well.