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Guns at 30,000 feet

Just as the airline industry is seeking to impose stricter penalties on passengers who create havoc with their behavior on planes, the penalties for attempting to bring a gun on board should be...

Confirm Rahm Emanuel for Japan post

It is worth remembering that a U.S. ambassadorship is really about serving American interests abroad, ensuring nothing untoward happens in the military arena, building trade and educational...

State Senate Republicans' carrot-and-stick reform

It's hard to say whether they are primarily floating sterner juvenile justice or a jobs training program, but it's clear one aim is rolling back police accountability.

The societal shift behind canceled Southwest flights and clogged California ports

Too many employees are paid so poorly and treated so shabbily that any cost-benefit assessment of their jobs was a close call even before the pandemic

Theodore Bodenwein, publisher of The Day from 1891 to 1939

“The newspaper should be more than a business enterprise. It should also be the champion and protector of the public interest and defender of the people’s rights.”

- Theodore Bodenwein


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A slap in the face for frontline workers

The Oct. 18 cartoon, showing frontline workers going from heroes to unemployed, shows just what the governor thinks about them. For almost two years they have been in...

Bordelon looks at issues with a clear eye

Please support our BEST Groton Town Councilor, Portia Bordelon, who won her amazing lone primary against a DTC “approved” (aka docile) slate of Democrats for Town Council, beating them all, and almost all in their own districts! The...

'Balance Groton with a sensible choice'

Want to save Groton money, help build its economy and help build a better Groton? Pick a strong, hardworking woman with nothing to gain other than your trust. Running as a Republican is a tough job and even more difficult today when you do it for...

Hugh McKenney for Salem first selectman

Hugh McKenney is running for First Selectman in Salem. Hugh is highly competent and has a wealth of experience to perform the most important government job for the town of Salem. Hugh is in his fourth year on the Board of Selectmen, he...

Seery will have an open door in East Lyme

I have known Kevin Seery since he moved to East Lyme more than 35 years ago, and I can attest to his qualifications for the role of First Selectman. His adult life has been the embodiment of public service. Kevin was a commissioned officer in the...

Jahncke presumes to be an expert

Red Jahncke, in his op-ed piece, "An action plan for those who want CRT kept out of schools," (Oct. 14), makes the claim that his...

Shoemaker willing to make hard decisions

Instead of meeting with Dave Berggren and fixing the problem in the Old Lyme Land Trust's Jericho Preserve, Tim Griswold is proposing to spend $400,000 on more acreage because the beavers have damaged access to the trails. If Griswold had an...

Thankful to strangers who stopped and helped

On Aug. 31, I was broadsided in my car on Bank Street by another party who evaded responsibility. Upon exiting my car, I heard people asking if I was injured and others describing the car that fled. Seconds later two firemen EMTs were at my side...

Bordelon, Westervelt 'courageous public advocates'

Two rising stars in Groton’s political universe, Portia Bordelon, a Democrat, and Scott Westervelt, a Republican, should be elected to the town council. The lack of transparency and accountability in the current town administration has...

Seery has experience and commitment

Vote for Kevin Seery. Board of Selectman, 10 years; Board of Ed, 14 years; State Trooper, 28 years; U.S. Navy veteran. The accomplishments of Kevin Seery are the qualities that show his experience and commitment for the residents of East...

Alberti has the experience

My letter today is in support of the Democratic Party candidate for first selectman of the Town of East Lyme: Camille Alberti. With an accounting degree from Pace University New York, and decades of managerial experience as a consultant...

'There Is No Such Thing As A Free Lunch'

The Day’s guest editorial on our national debt ceiling was badly flawed, “Eliminate the debt ceiling,” (Oct. 11). When you raise the debt ceiling...



Columnist Froma Harrop

Yes, Our Economic Problems Are 'High Class'

This is not to dismiss the challenges facing retailers and other businesses that relied on inexpensive labor and well-oiled supply chains. But how many tears must be shed for cyclists who have to wait a while for their $1,200 bikes?

Columnist Chris Powell

Biden has rehabbed Trump

What has the Republican Party done this year to earn the resounding approval it has gotten in the most recent national poll by the Gallup organization? Nothing. The Republicans have just sat around like everyone else watching as the...

Columnist Lisa McGinley

Double holiday, single flag

The United States and its flag belong to all its people. That's what I meant to say when I put the flag out on Monday.


End electric deregulation. It has failed.

Photo by visuals on Unsplash

Over the past five years, ratepayers using third-party suppliers have spent over $274 million more on power than if they had stuck with their regular supplier.


School board elections and truth in education

As educators, we know our students deserve the freedom to see a complete picture of our nation and our past — the good and the bad.

Sen. Murphy explains support for Coast Guard Museum in New London

It makes no sense that the Coast Guard is the only historic branch of the armed services with no national museum. The other armed services have over 77 museums between them.

'See me in my totality:' Day copy editor Robin Watson responds to reader

Robin Watson, who was recently hired as a copy editor at The Day, responds to a letter from reader Nicholas Casiano of Norwich about a column Watson was featured in, titled, "Editing while Black," on September 17, 2021.