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Parenting coach Meghan Leahy takes reader questions

Parent coach and Washington Post columnist Meghan Leahy. Courtesty ©mlparentcoach

Parenting coach and columnist Meghan Leahy answered questions recently in an online chat with The Washington Post. Here is an edited excerpt. Q: My 3-year-old girl has lots of feelings (of course), and she is very much doted upon by my extended family as the only grandchild. For much of...

You're a different person when you travel. Here's why, and how to transform yourself at home.

In her book, "Getting Away from It All: Vacations and Identity," sociologist Karen Stein sheds light on the reasons that travelers, whether they're going it alone or with friends, might feel different when on the road. She argues that travel is a chance to try out alternate identities — a...

Review: Should you watch 'Squid Game,' Netflix's surprise hit?

Lee Jung-jae in

No squid were harmed in the making of "Squid Game," or even appear in the nine-episode Korean series from Netflix that the streamer is predicting might be its most successful show ever. (It is hard to know exactly what that means, given the company's famously secret metrics, but take it as that...

Planning your funeral doesn’t have to be scary, says the author of ‘It’s Your Funeral’

The pandemic has forced many to rethink and readjust their present with their future. Some have left jobs that provided steady paychecks and a predictable complacency for unknown, yet meaningful passion projects. Others are are taking more control of their destinies as they see fit. Unwilling to...




Urban odyssey: Kayaking around Manhattan

Not far to our left, commuter traffic backed up on the Henry Hudson Parkway in Manhattan; across the river in New Jersey, a comparable jam clogged the Palisades Interstate Parkway.

Stalking the wild mushroom

Early fall is prime time for hunting mushrooms, and this year’s crop has been especially bountiful, thanks to abundant rainfall and warm temperatures.