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Marisa Monte on her first solo album in 10 years

It took Marisa Monte 10 years to release a solo album, but the four-time Grammy winner never abandoned music

Summer’s book is ‘Falling,’ about a pilot who must decide if his passengers live. It was written by a flight attendant.

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into an airplane, T.J. Newman writes a novel, "Falling," about a commercial pilot in a completely unwinnable nightmare situation: Soon after taking off on another routine flight, someone kidnaps the pilot’s wife and children and...

Amnesia trope gets a fresh look in 'The Stranger in the Mirror'

"The Stranger in the Mirror" by Liv Constantine; Harper (336 pages, $26.99) ——— The well-worn trope of a person suffering amnesia receives a fresh update in “The Stranger in the Mirror,” thanks to appealing characters and Liv Constantine’s...




When unbridled optimism loses its luster

July is when all that unbridled optimism of the spring, all that garden planning and vacation planning, those books to read and projects to start, seem to wither under a hot sun.

Many birds go for two broods per season

The air was as heavy as it was thick. Magnificent dark clouds rose high from the west, but there was not a drop of rain or the slightest breeze. The calm was surreal and made me uneasy. An eerie orange glow hung over my land where the birds...