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Steve Fagin

For veteran bicyclist Kevin Burke, safety is a two-way street

As a member of Bike Stonington, a community organization that promotes bike access, bike safety and bike awareness, Kevin has made it his mission to keep fellow riders safe.

Steve Fagin

Back aboard with the Tuesday Night Paddlers

Within a minute, 20 paddlers formed a flotilla that cruised past Andrews, Dodges, Enders and Ram islands.

Carol Sommer

A new constellation

Thomas Wolfe was a sea captain, transporting goods for the Union, when he was captured by the Confederates and thrown into a North Carolina prison that rivaled Andersonville for its vile conditions

Steve Fagin

The Poisonous Snake Sanctuary and other unpopular nature preserves

Having tramped through countless parks, nature preserves and wildlife sanctuaries, as well as paddled in an untold number of ponds, lakes and rivers, I'm often hard-pressed to come up with new places to explore. Some destinations, though, I'll never visit — their names alone...

Steve Fagin

Copp Family Park: ‘Another hidden gem in Groton’

The 240-acre, town-owned property contains miles of paths that range from smooth and flat to surprisingly rocky and hilly.

Dr. Jon Gaudio

'Wild' nights moonlighting in hospitals

A bull rider from the rodeo walked into the ER. His left shoulder was just wrong. I knew nothing about orthopedics, but this guy’s shoulder was very dislocated.





Steve Fagin

Serenity and echoes of the past on the Shetucket River

A rumbling waterfall. After a swift current and brisk north breeze propelled our kayaks for more than eight miles down the Shetucket River last week, the sound of a torrent gradually rose above the rustle of leaves and chatter of...

Steve Fagin

How to tie a bowline knot and other useless information

Thinking about taking up a new outdoor activity? Here’s a helpful guide to get you started.

Carol Sommer

Whistler's father

He was a civil engineer who played a major role in transforming sleepy little Stonington village into a 19th-century transportation hub.

Rick Koster

Rick's List — Many Ways to be Rick Edition

Is it legally possible to have more than one identity? I don't ask this in the spirit of criminality although, now that I think about it, that's intriguing. For example: 1. I'd need to call it something besides "Rick's Drug Cartel."...

Steve Fagin

80-mile hike the length of R.I. ends with a splash

Throughout the journey, the sights, sounds and our enjoyment levels shifted with ever-changing surroundingsThroughout the journey, the sights, sounds and our enjoyment levels shifted with ever-changing surroundings.

Rick Koster

Rick's List — Business Plans for Dangerous Times Edition

It's been a few years, but my wife Eileen and I were driving through the Deep South and stopped at a Walmart in South Carolina to re-up our supply of road snacks and drinks. Wondering if we'd forgotten anything, we strolled around the expansive...