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Famed chef Jacques Pepin cooks scallop dishes at his Madison home for The Day

Chef Jacques Pépin tests the temperature of a scallop as he does a cooking video at his home in Madison. (Sarah Gordon/The Day)

“My goal usually is to make whatever I do as simple as possible and fresh,” he says.

Named for an Aztec legend, Niantic's La Llorona delivers fine progressive Mexican food

Enchiladas de Pollo y Queso (Eileen Jenkins)

From an eerie but compelling bit of Aztec folklore, Niantic's La Llorona explores the possibilities of progressive Mexican food

What to cook: Mr. G's Beet Salad with Goat Cheese

Mr. G's Beet Salad with Goat Cheese

Has it only been two weeks since last I sat down at a booth in Mr. G's with co-owner George Gianakos and discussed All the Things in the World? The next day, in quick and gracious response to a request for a light, summery dish that Any Person could make at home, Gianakos's nephew Peter...

Charred sweet corn is the star of the versatile summer salad

Farro and Charred Corn Salad (Photo by Laura Chase de Formigny for The Washington Post)

It depends on a base of grains and quick-pickled onions in a piquant dressing. Other elements: queso fresco, chopped almonds, a generous amount of mint — and those skillet-charred corn kernels.

An ice cream burger is the tastiest way to keep cool right now

An ice cream burger with peach, chocolate, and vanilla was a melty masterpiece. (Bloomberg photo by Kate Krader)

"Bread is smart because it absorbs the ice cream as it melts," says Morgenstern.





When unbridled optimism loses its luster

July is when all that unbridled optimism of the spring, all that garden planning and vacation planning, those books to read and projects to start, seem to wither under a hot sun.

Many birds go for two broods per season

The air was as heavy as it was thick. Magnificent dark clouds rose high from the west, but there was not a drop of rain or the slightest breeze. The calm was surreal and made me uneasy. An eerie orange glow hung over my land where the birds...