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Celebrating The Day's latest awards

Though we don't do our jobs at The Day to win awards, it's gratifying when our peers from...


The Lonesome Polecat: Morgan's record-setting comeback and other things

The Huskies trailed by 28 points in the third quarter last Saturday and WON.


Urban odyssey: Kayaking around Manhattan

Not far to our left, commuter traffic backed up on the Henry Hudson Parkway in Manhattan; across...

A merry chase through local history

This adventure started when I was researching William Lay, a Saybrook man who was on the whaler...

The long (and short) goodbye

My family has this horrible habit of what I call “Italian Goodbyes” that drag on and...


Yes, Our Economic Problems Are 'High Class'

This is not to dismiss the challenges facing retailers and other businesses that relied on inexpensive labor and well-oiled supply chains. But how many tears must be shed for...

Biden has rehabbed Trump

What has the Republican Party done this year to earn the resounding approval it has gotten in the most recent national poll by the Gallup organization? Nothing. The...

Double holiday, single flag

The United States and its flag belong to all its people. That's what I meant to say when I put the flag out on Monday.

An action plan for those who want CRT kept out of schools

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. believed that the moral arc of the universe bends toward justice. Our history proves him right. We may not be quite there yet, but we have traveled...

Defining education down

What is the greatest threat to educating children today? Is it COVID-19, or ignorance? I'm going for number two. There is growing evidence to back me up. In August,...