Reduce home office fire risk

As more people work remotely, electricians and safety advocates are warning that various missteps may be putting people at unnecessary risk of fire and other unsafe conditions. Electrical equipment is necessary to run home offices just like it is traditional offices. Some people may find they have a shortage of electrical outlets to power their devices, and as a result they may turn to extension cords or power strips. While that may seem like an easy fix, it is easy to inadvertently overload outlets and circuits by connecting more than one power strip or extension cord together in a practice known as "daisy chaining." According to the U.S. Office of Compliance, using a daisy chain in the workplace violates the National Electrical Code as well as the Occupational Safety and Health Administration's rules. While it may not break code at home, overloading any outlets increases risk for fire. The National Fire Protection Association indicates that more than 45,000 residential fires are started each year due to electrical failure and malfunction. Overload causes products to overheat, and that can spark fires in the power cords themselves or inside the wall where electrical lines are hidden.

—Metro Creative Connection


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