Choosing outdoor wall décor

Outdoor living spaces like decks and patios are an extension of the indoor living space and essentially an extra room of the house. Even though the use of outdoor space is limited by the weather, the need for décor and furnishings is just as important as the interior rooms of the house.  Like interior decorating, the goal in decorating the outside space is to make the space more attractive and comfortable. However, items being considered for outdoor décor should either be made specifically for outdoor use or specially treated to withstand the elements.

One way to decorate an empty wall is to add some art. Metal wall sculptures such as a mandala, the sun, trees, birds or other depictions of natural life can be purchased at garden centers or from online artists. If metal isn't appealing, ceramic tiles or decorative plates can be purchased and hung in groups or alone. Wooden signs to welcome guests or display family names or crests can provide a more rural atmosphere while carved mandalas and laser cut panels are more geometrically based.

Canvas prints of oil paintings of exotic shores or flowery meadows can visually transport the viewers to distant lands while enjoying a cool drink and soaking in the warm backyard sun. Poolside art that can decorate an otherwise plain privacy wall is available too. This art can depict sea birds, schools of fish or other nautical elements to accompany guests or family while splashing in the water or lounging poolside.

Decorative wall panels can also dress up a bare wall. Katie Dohman, writing for suggests, "Wall panels don't have to go from corner to corner, floor to ceiling. Cut one to fit as an accent piece on a wall." In addition, a few panels can also be hung evenly spaced as wall hangings rather than fitted together as a solid wall of paneling.

For homeowners who are arts and crafts hobbyists, macramé wall hangings will bring a bohemian look to the exterior. Wood or metal workers can create their own personal wall art that will blend in with any decorative style.

Another way to creatively decorate an exterior wall is to either cover it completely or dot it intermittently with greenery. Vertical gardening such as plants climbing up a trellis, pallet gardens, window boxes fastened to the wall or potted plants on shelves are all options for dressing up a sunny blank wall with greenery.

Living or faux living wall art is an additional way to add greenery to a wall. Moss wall art can be purchased ready-made, built from a kit or made completely as a DIY project. Faux moss walls are available as well. Deirdre Sullivan writing for says, "Decorating a wall with gorgeous greenery is a beautiful way to spruce up an outdoor space." Succulent wall art whether live or faux is also available with a DIY option as well.

Wreaths are another green option that can dress up a plain wall or enhance existing décor. Wreaths can be uniquely created to celebrate certain seasons, holidays or personal family events and milestones. Wreaths, like vertical gardens, can be custom ordered, purchased ready-made or enjoyed as a DIY project.

Additionally, exterior walls provide an opportunity to repurpose used items or materials as wall décor. For example, athletic families can keep fun memories fresh by repurposing unused sporting gear as wall decorations. For instance, a row of repainted surfboards or skis can be used as wall panels or an outgrown bicycle can be repainted, decorated and hung on the wall. Alternatively, salvaged architectural pieces such as windows and shutters can be repurposed as ornaments. Shelves or window boxes can also be attached to these pieces for use as vertical gardens.

Whether decorating with artwork, greenery or repurposed pieces, an empty outdoor wall can transform a bare outdoor living space into a comfortable welcoming living space for fun and relaxation.


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