Outdoor home theater projectors

Social distancing recommendations issued in response to the COVID-19 pandemic compelled people to spend more time at home than ever before. As the pandemic wore on, people looked for ways to enjoy activities in their backyards so they would not become overwhelmed by cabin fever. Home theater projectors afford homeowners the chance to bring the magic of family movie nights outdoors. The tech experts at Digital Trends® note that modern projectors are a great way to enjoy a true cinematic experience at home, even if your "theater" is under the stars in the backyard. Some projectors are designed to remain outdoors so long as homeowners take the steps necessary to protect the devices from the weather. In fact, projectors are small and so easily moved that homeowners can take them inside at the end of each movie to ensure they're not damaged by the elements. In such instances, only the screen and the audio components, like speakers, will require protection from the elements. But even interior projectors can be taken outdoors when homeowners decide to watch a movie outdoors. Projectors can even be used to watch television outdoors, making them options worth considering for sports fans who may be restricted from seeing their favorite teams in person this season. Watching television on a projector without a cable box may require a little extra effort and a few more accessories than streaming a movie outdoors, and homeowners would be wise to consult a home entertainment professional to ensure their setup is good to go before inviting anyone over to watch the big game under the stars.

—Metro Creative Connection


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