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Democratic 'vision' is not about division

I am responding to the commentary by Gillian B. Thorne, − "Day stokes racial divisions with attacks on white Americans (Sept. 13)." Ms. Thorne is entitled to her opinions regarding what is printed in the newspaper. She seems to feel qualified to express the “Republican Vision." She is not, however, qualified to expound on the vision or views held by Democrats.

You certainly will not hear the Democratic Vision for our nation and our communities on right-leaning media outlets and social media. To be honest, you may not get an accurate take from the left-leaning ones either.

For anyone interested in knowing what the Democratic Party stands for, I invite them to read the Democratic National Party Platform at: The Connecticut State Party platform is here: Having worked on platform committees, I can attest that these documents reflect the firmly held beliefs of the grassroots members of the party.

The Preamble to the Connecticut Platform states: "We will be on the side of people striving for good jobs at fair wages, quality health care, educational excellence, prudent fiscal management, and an equal opportunity to achieve the American dream." I wholeheartedly support this vision.

I invite Ms. Thorne or anyone else who wants to know what Democrats actually stand for, to ask a Democrat. We are members of your family, your co-workers, and your neighbors. You know who we are. Let’s have a respectful conversation about our shared vision and how we can work together to solve the problems facing all of us.

Jill, we know each other personally. You have my number. Give me a call. Let’s talk.

Marie Gendron Ricketts lives in Stonington.



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