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Literary Types: Biblical evidence of women’s power

“A Host of Women” by Jan Schenk Grosskopf is brilliant, pedagogic, and fun. In her book Grosskopf challenges the idea that scripture teaches that women should be subjugated. Her thoughtful list of examples of powerful and praiseworthy women in both the Old Testament and the New is enlightening.

In “A Host of Women,” published by the Niantic author in 2020, Grosskopf explains that despite Christian and secular belief that women are subordinate to men in the Bible, they are actually quite prominent.

Scrupulous business women are depicted in the Book of Proverbs. And there are women like Mary, the mother of John Mark, who offered her home as a place of sanctuary to Peter, who sought refuge from Herod.

It took Grosskopf five years to write her book to help women embrace the truth of God’s love for and value of women.

Grosskopf has a bachelor’s degree from Connecticut College and possesses a master’s and Ph.D in history from the University of Connecticut. She taught as a teacher’s assistant and lecturer at UConn and as an adjunct there for several years.

While working as a research assistant for State Historian Christopher Collier, she came across the name Hannah Occuish, which resulted in her first book titled “For Mischief Done,” completed in 2012.

Grosskopf adeptly incorporates historical facts into the story of an 11-year-old girl named Hannah Occuish, who is accused of brutally murdering 6-year-old Eunice Bolles. In “For Mischief Done,” it is obvious that Grosskopf has the gift of pen and a love for history and for conveying facts that are true. It is easy to savor every sentence in her compelling and gripping story.

Grosskopf is an eloquent writer who takes an interest in topics that are paramount. She is currently working on another book called “Women and Wisdom.”

Lisa Shasha lives in Norwich.


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