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State lawmakers asked to support Lamont, extend pandemic emergency powers

I ask my state legislators, Senator Paul Formica and Rep. Kathleen McCarty, to extend Gov. Ned Lamont’s emergency powers to respond to the coronavirus crisis.

Connecticut is maintaining the battle against this deadly disease thanks to the hard and risky work of health care and essential workers, the vaccinated and those who follow Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines, and the leadership of the Lamont administration. Sensible minds have prevailed to keep our citizens safe and children out of hospitals.

The pandemic is not over. Hospitals in the country are overwhelmed, health care systems are buckling from the strain, misinformation is abundant, and some people refuse to consider others and take precautions to control the spread of COVID-19.

Governor Lamont has balanced the dangers of the disease with the citizens’ needs. The Connecticut legislature has given him leeway, yet stayed engaged and ready to step in if he abuses the power. We need to continue with rational plans to protect us from the reckless, selfish acts some people in the state take to exert their “freedom” over the health and freedom of others.

I ask you to do what is right for Connecticut and approve the extension of emergency powers.

Allan Elms




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