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Anji Seth definition of a propagandist when it comes to TCI

So here we go again with TCI, the Transportation Climate Initiative, "International climate report felt in Connecticut," (Sept. 3). We the people of the state of Connecticut were in Anji Seth’s words apparently victims of “misinformation” by calling TCI a tax. No, we were not. We could clearly see what TCI was and that is why it was soundly defeated. Now you say you "need to do a better job of communicating”? So, you are trying to better propagandize TCI, so we buy it? On top of this load, Seth puts out the position that the “communities affected by the pollution” (dog whistle, poor) will benefit but does not realize they will be the ones hit hardest by this tax when trying to fill their tanks to go to work! (I was happy to see the editorial, “Focus on getting federal dollars, not TCI," on Sept. 11 backing up my position.)

We the people are not stupid nor are we victims of “misinformation.” The information was loud and clear: TCI is a tax. So as far as the legislature's special session is concerned, if TCI “may come up” it is at their own peril! Enough is enough!

Ted Genard



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