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Southern border crisis is worsening daily

The number of persons crossing our southern border is at high levels. Just in the month of June 2021, there were approximately 134,000 apprehended and an additional 39,000 "got-aways." This July is expected to be higher.

Since those apprehended by the border patrol are eventually released into our society, the concern is the majority of the "got-aways." Many can be presumed to be convicted criminals who would have been deported if caught.

Another cause of concern is the number of possible diseases these aliens bring into this country. It is feared that most have not been vaccinated against COVID-19 or other illnesses that we have long been trying to keep away from our citizens. All of these aliens are being placed in cities and towns all across our country. Americans who have not been vaccinated due to health or religious reasons should be very concerned.

I decided to submit this short report so subscribers to The Day will be informed of this terrible crisis.

Mark Oulundsen




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