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Mix of emotions on Mother's Day

Mother’s Day 2021 did not start out well for me. My mom is in heaven now. I know she is with me spiritually, but I miss seeing her physically.

While traveling along Fog Plain Road I came upon a poor creature that had been killed. I know their soul is now in heaven, but what if this poor creature has little ones, waiting for mama? Next, I pick up a copy of The Day newspaper and, on the front page, tragic news that our past President Obama’s beloved canine had passed over to heaven. I find a peaceful place to enjoy walking my dogs, but some jerk starts videotaping us. We leave. I pick up The Day paper to finish reading before walking them in a different location. In the Letters to the Editor, there is the nicest letter, “Another chicken on the lam,” (May 9).

I say to the dogs, “Gee, my Mother’s Day is going to be a happy Mother’s Day after all."

I look lovingly at my tail-waggers. They lick my face; they agree.

Diane L. Amburn




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