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Dr. I is convinced Curt Schilling's the reason God made the mute button

Idle Thoughts, while waiting for a winter high school season, Ohio State-Alabama and to see whether any other NFL coaches use the fourth quarter of a close playoff game to "evaluate" their third-string quarterback:

• It had been a while since Dr. Idle, Dr. I to his close friends, heard from The Blowhard Who Used To Throw Hard.

(Otherwise known as Curt Schilling).

Ah, but the reason God created the mute button checked in earlier this week on social media in support of the terrorists who stormed the Capitol.

"You cowards sat on your hands, did nothing while liberal trash looted rioted and burned for air Jordan's and big screens, sit back, (shut up) and watch folks start a confrontation for (expletive) that matters like rights, democracy and the end of (government) corruption," the big galoot said, thus proving he missed school the day they taught the perils of run-on sentences.

Imagine the speech if this dope gets in the Hall of Fame this year?

• Love, love, love that the Mets got Lindor and Carrasco.

Dr. I gives it two more weeks of the Mets winning the back pages of the tabloids before the destitute Yankees awaken from their coma and bring back D.J. LeMahieu. And then get some pitching.

• Notable women's basketball score from the other night:

Boston College 64, Notre Dame 61.

• Spare Dr. I your moral outrage over free speech, by the way.

Twitter is a private company.

• Hope you stayed up to watch UConn's rally the other night at Marquette.

Best win for the Huskies in a while.

Prediction: UConn will get to the Sweet 16 (if we actually have March Madness.)

• Good luck to Anthony Turgeon, the new baseball coach at NFA. This is called a good guy replacing another good guy (Luke Gabordi).

• So if Eagles quarterback (most of the time anyway) Jalen Hurts completed a pass to Denver Broncos tight end Jake Butt, the color commentator could certainly talk about the "Butt-Hurts" combination, right?

• Dr. I's pals at GameTime CT surveyed high school basketball coaches across the state about the toughest gyms for opponents.

None from our corner of the world made it.

Dr. I would vote for Putnam (at least in the old days with Tony Falzarano and the "Z Crew"), The X at Waterford and Conway Gym in New London.

• Grocery store arrows: Dr. I plays by the rules. Does anyone else anymore?

• Why are people in pro football so stupid?

Think about it: Evan Engram, who led all tight ends in drops this year (eight) makes the Pro Bowl, but Leonard Williams (11.5 sacks) does not. Graham Gano makes 30 straight field goals for the Giants and wasn't named All-Pro, but Jason Sanders, who missed three field goals, does.

• Speaking of Engram: Dr. I saw where New York City will employ him next New Year's Eve as we near midnight. Because nobody's better at dropping the ball.

• Headline of the year came last Monday in the Washington Post, following the Washington Football Team's gift-wrapped win over the Doug Pedersons. It read, "Tanks For Everything."

• Note to Brad Stevens: More Tacko Fall.

• With Doc Emrick retired, is there a reason to ever watch hockey again?

• Dr. I's book recommendation: If you like to cook, pick up "Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat." (It's also a four-part series on Netflix.)

• Great to watch UConn-Providence women Saturday.

Brought back some great memories. PC used to be a Big East power under coach Bob Foley.

• Once again: Bubbleville worked at Mohegan Sun. Might women's basketball use Neon Uncasville during the NCAA Tournament this year?

This is the opinion of Day sports columnist Mike DiMauro


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