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Dining out during the COVID-19 pandemic

The Day sent journalists - those who felt comfortable doing so - to various restaurants in the area during the Memorial Day weekend to report back about their...

Recorded History Mayflower II and Mystic Seaport

Randal Charlton, son of the man responsible for building a 1950s replica of the famed Pilgrim ship, tells the fascinating story of how it came to be donated to Plimouth...

ECC football preview: East Lyme, NFA, New London and Fitch

It's high school football time! Keith talks with East Lyme coach Rudy Bagos, Norwich Free Academy coach Jason Bakoulis, and Fitch coach Mike Ellis.

Hanging with Molly Hatchet, The Fixx, and Quiet Riot

There are some rock venues that everyone knows, even if they never saw a show there. The Winchester Lounge in Odessa, Texas is not one of them. But Rick got to meet...


‘Hey, it’s your friend Bob Saget here.’ Amid coronavirus, comedian wants to talk to you.

Earlier this year, comedian Bob Saget was gearing up to debut an hour of new material on his stand-up tour “to make people feel better during all of the anger that was going on in our country.” “And then it turned into...

‘Recovered hypochondriac’ Marc Maron offers tips on how to manage your fears during a pandemic

He defines a hypochondriac as “someone who decides they’re sick and commits to it, with limited or no evidence. It’s like, ‘I got dizzy; so I must have MS.’”


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Dining out during the COVID-19 pandemic

The Day sent journalists - those who felt comfortable doing so - to various restaurants in the area during the Memorial Day weekend to report back about their experience. Here's what they had to say.

Podcast: The Storyline

As local restaurants and other businesses reopened this week, we were there

Restaurants and retail shops in Connecticut opened on May 20 after months of closure due to the coronavirus.

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The Rolling Stones released a new single. Did anyone notice?

The Rolling Stones' new single "Living in a Ghost Town" a few weeks ago to little fanfare. Did it get lost in all the coronavirus news, or are people just over The Rolling Stones?

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A new live album from The Reducers, recorded on a boom box hanging from a tree in 1980

Rick and Peter speak with drummer Tom Trombley and producer Richard Brukner about The Reducers' new live album "Live in Montville." The album comes from a cassette tape recording of a backyard concert in 1980, three years before the band released...

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What do you do when a pandemic keeps you off the stage? Perform in your living room.

Canceled tours. Delayed album releases. Loss of income. When the coronavirus forced everyone to stay home, many musicians had to quickly adapt to the new reality. We spoke with singer/songwriter Daphne Lee Martin, pianist/vocalist Eric Stevenson of...

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How is the pandemic affecting crime statistics and community policing?

How will the COVID-19 pandemic ultimately affect crime statistics in Connecticut and how will the circumstances of the pandemic change police strategies moving forward.

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That song is not from the 80s

Do all Young People think that songs with real instruments sound like they're from the 80s?

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When favorite albums make you sad, instead of happy

As he gets older, Rick is finding that the nostalgia evoked by his all-time favorite albums evokes feelings of melancholy instead of joy.

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Video storytelling and creative expression during a time of social distancing

Multimedia director Peter Huoppi talked about the creativity needed during this crisis, not only from our staff of visual storytellers but also from the community, as various groups continue to look for ways to connect and to express themselves.

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The story of a New London teen recovering from COVID-19

We hear from the mother of a 13-year-old New London boy who is recovering from COVID-19.

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Remembering Ellis Marsalis and Adam Schlesinger

Rick and Peter share favorite memories of jazz great Ellis Marsalis and Fountains of Wayne bassist/songwriter Adam Schlesinger, both of whom died from complications related to coronavirus.

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If I have to sing “Happy Birthday” one more time while washing my hands…

Who actually likes singing "Happy Birthday?" Rick proposes some alternative ways to measure 20 seconds at the bathroom sink to make sure you are properly washing your hands.

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We answer your COVID-19 questions and local towns come together in music and sound

We answer 14 of your questions and hear about what some of our local towns are doing to show solidarity and unity during this time of social distancing.

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Local sports stories during a pandemic and how grocery stores are dealing with the crisis

In this episode, we talk about how we continue to tell local sports stories during the pandemic and how local grocery stores being impacted by the crisis.

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My day with Roger Kahn

Rick recalls better times - the day he spent in the early 1990s drinking scotch with Roger Kahn, the late author of "The Boys of Summer."

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Mental-health tips in a time of crisis and the science behind flattening the curve

Reporter Julia Bergman talked to Dr. Peter Morgan, chair of psychiatry at L+M Hospital, about the mental health needs of people as they navigate the onslaught of news in this time of crisis

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The latest coronavirus updates from L+M Hospital

Carlos Virgen and Brian Hallenbeck met with L+M's Dr. Oliver Mayorga as hospital staff finished setting up an outdoor staging area to take samples for coronavirus testing.

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Connecticut campaign volunteers canvas in New Hampshire ahead of the primary vote

Reporter Julia Bergman joined campaign volunteers from around the southeastern Connecticut region as they travelled to New Hampshire to canvas for Democratic candidates ahead of the New Hampshire primary.

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The Day’s new book club, Hygienic Art and Halloween candy

Luanne Rice's new novel "Last Day" will launch with at Bank Square Books on Saturday Feb. 1 as part of The Day's new book club Read of the Day. While that's two weeks away, Hygienic Art's 41st annual Salon des Independants show opens this weekend.

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"The Green Book,” New London-style

Amateur historian and Niantic resident Tom Schuch, a native New Londoner, takes us on a mind-bending spin through some of southeastern Connecticut’s hidden history, including local sites found in the Green Book.

Podcast: Recorded History

Shiloh’s 125th anniversary

Bishop Benjamin Watts, pastor of Shiloh Baptist Church in New London, tells us the fascinating story of one of the region’s most prominent African-American cultural, social and religious organizations.

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A conversation on race with Connecticut's Supreme Court Chief Justice

Court reporter Karen Florin had an open and wide-ranging conversation with Connecticut Supreme Court Chief Justice Richard A. Robinson about race, implicit bias and the difficulties that are often encountered when trying to discuss these topics.

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Can towns really postpone Halloween?

It's going to rain on Halloween this year, and Rick is not okay with towns trying to postpone trick-or-treating. Halloween is full of memories for both Rick and Pete - like the time Pete walked into a nursing home and realized his costume was...

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Going to see someone else’s favorite band

Rick and Pete reflect on Justin Hayward's show with Mike Dawes at The Garde, and recall times they went along to see someone else's favorite band.


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