Connecticut campaign volunteers canvas in New Hampshire ahead of the primary vote

Reporter Julia Bergman joined campaign volunteers from around the southeastern Connecticut region as they travelled to New Hampshire to canvas for Democratic candidates...

Recorded History Mayflower II and Mystic Seaport

Randal Charlton, son of the man responsible for building a 1950s replica of the famed Pilgrim ship, tells the fascinating story of how it came to be donated to Plimouth...

ECC football preview: East Lyme, NFA, New London and Fitch

It's high school football time! Keith talks with East Lyme coach Rudy Bagos, Norwich Free Academy coach Jason Bakoulis, and Fitch coach Mike Ellis.

The Day’s new book club, Hygienic Art and Halloween candy

Luanne Rice's new novel "Last Day" will launch with at Bank Square Books on Saturday Feb. 1 as part of The Day's new book club Read of the Day. While that's two weeks...


Network of podcasts offer a place women can go to be ‘understood, encouraged and uplifted’

As the CEO and founder of Matriarch Digital Media, Twila Dang has built a Twin Cities-based network of podcasts where women can be “understood, encouraged and uplifted.”

Investigative podcasts are exploding. Here are six great ones to get you started

They don't just present the findings of an investigation, but document them as they unfold.


Podcast: The Storyline

Connecticut campaign volunteers canvas in New Hampshire ahead of the primary vote

Reporter Julia Bergman joined campaign volunteers from around the southeastern Connecticut region as they travelled to New Hampshire to canvas for Democratic candidates ahead of the New Hampshire primary.

Podcast: Recorded History

"The Green Book,” New London-style

Amateur historian and Niantic resident Tom Schuch, a native New Londoner, takes us on a mind-bending spin through some of southeastern Connecticut’s hidden history, including local sites found in the Green Book.

Podcast: Recorded History

Shiloh’s 125th anniversary

Bishop Benjamin Watts, pastor of Shiloh Baptist Church in New London, tells us the fascinating story of one of the region’s most prominent African-American cultural, social and religious organizations.

Podcast: The Storyline

A conversation on race with Connecticut's Supreme Court Chief Justice

Court reporter Karen Florin had an open and wide-ranging conversation with Connecticut Supreme Court Chief Justice Richard A. Robinson about race, implicit bias and the difficulties that are often encountered when trying to discuss these topics.

Podcast: Leave Work Now

Can towns really postpone Halloween?

It's going to rain on Halloween this year, and Rick is not okay with towns trying to postpone trick-or-treating. Halloween is full of memories for both Rick and Pete - like the time Pete walked into a nursing home and realized his costume was...

Podcast: Leave Work Now

Going to see someone else’s favorite band

Rick and Pete reflect on Justin Hayward's show with Mike Dawes at The Garde, and recall times they went along to see someone else's favorite band.

Podcast: Leave Work Now

Exploring the music of Justin Hayward and the Moody Blues

Justin Hayward of the Moody Blues plays at the Garde Arts Center on Saturday. The Moody Blues, and Hayward's songs in particular, were a big deal to a young Rick Koster.

Podcast: Leave Work Now

Do movie soundtracks still resonate?

Rick's band used to cover songs from movies in the eighties. Pete's musical taste was defined by movie soundtracks of the nineties. Are films still a major vehicle for popular music, or have video games taken over?

Podcast: Recorded History

Saving landmarks, preserving history

Laura Natusch, executive director of New London Landmarks, talks about the group’s recent purchase of a historic home as well as its efforts to keep two buildings on Bank Street from being torn down.

Podcast: Leave Work Now

Twenty-five minutes on sound checks

We were supposed to talk about something else today, but our sound check turned into an entire episode. Rick sneaks into a Brian Wilson sound check, while Pete look for help facilitating sound checks at local candidate debates.

Podcast: Leave Work Now

Is pop music getting stupider?

Stupider? More stupid? Rick and Pete discuss a scientific study that found pop songs have become musically and lyrically simpler over time. Does simpler equal worse?

Podcast: Leave Work Now

Rustic Overtones and road trip radio

How do certain bands become our favorites? Pete's favorite band, Rustic Overtones, play Saturday at the Knickerbocker Music Center in Westerly. Plus, Rick has some ideas on how to use the radio to make road trips more interesting.

Podcast: Recorded History

Woodstock, 50 years on

Evan Nickles, former owner of Mystic Emporium, and Dan Curland, proprietor of Mystic Disc, talk about the three days of peace and love that defined a generation.

Podcast: Sports Doctor

Coast Guard football coach Bill George

Keith previews the upcoming football season with U.S. Coast Guard Academy head coach Bill George.Music: Big Rock Kevin MacLeod ( under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

Podcast: Recorded History

Artifacts and lighthouses in Stonington

Stonington Historical Society’s outgoing president Elizabeth Wood tells about plans for the Old Lighthouse Museum, discusses the group’s role in saving old houses and remembers a blacklisted “Citizen Kane”...

Podcast: Recorded History

Sleeping in slave quarters

Joseph McGill Jr., a veteran Civil War re-enactor and former employee of the National Trust for Historic Preservation in Charleston, S.C., has made it his life’s mission to sleep in every slave dwelling known throughout the United States.

Podcast: Sports Doctor

ECC Commissioner Gary Makowicki

Is the Eastern Connecticut Conference rising in stature to rival some of the other major conferences in Connecticut? ECC Commissioner Gary Makowicki joins Keith to talk about the recent successes in basketball, softball, baseball and lacrosse, as...

Podcast: Leave Work Now

Song Spinner Extra with Jon Young of Straight to VHS

Straight to VHS is a three piece rock band from New London, Connecticut whose members, guitarist/vocalist Jon Young, Drummer Jay Silva, and bassist Tim Donnell, recently recorded a new album, "Friend Music." We spoke with Jon Young about the song...

Podcast: Recorded History

A home run for vintage baseball

Michael Dreimiller, a member of the Thames Base Ball Club in New London, reviews the history of the game in southeastern Connecticut and how aficionados are reviving 19th-century rules.

Podcast: The Storyline

CuriousCT question results in analysis of 27 years of Connecticut state tax data

Reporter Erica Moser talks about her recent CuriousCT story looking at about 27 years of CT tax data.

Podcast: Sports Doctor

New NFA girls' basketball coach Courtney Gomez

Courtney Gomez talks about the big shoes she will have to fill replacing Bill Scarlata as the head girls' basketball coach at Norwich Free Academy.

Podcast: The Storyline

Tolls in Connecticut: Yay or nay?

In the last week, three of our reporters set out to bring you an analysis of all the proposals on the table — and how you feel about them.

Podcast: Sports Doctor

NFL draft preview with Matt Manocherian

Matt Manocherian of Sports Info Solutions, editor of The SIS Football Rookie Handbook 2019, previews the NFL draft and laments Duke's loss in the NCAA tournament.

Podcast: Recorded History

Mother Bailey and her legendary mansion

The City of Groton is trying to sell the 1782 house, and many history buffs want it turned into a museum.


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