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At The Day, we strive to cover stories our readers care about. Now, through our new project Curious CT, we're making it easier for you to tell us what you want to know about people, places and issues in southeastern Connecticut. All you have to do is submit your question in the form below.

Not sure what to ask? You can ask questions big or small, such as: "Who's the biggest taxpayer in Groton?" or "How often do legislators travel outside of Connecticut for work?" or "What's the average wait time at the local DMV?"

After each submission period, we'll select a few questions and kick it back to you, the readers, to vote on your favorite. Once a winner is selected by reader votes, we'll contact the person who submitted the winning question to be part of the reporting process, if they so desire. Then we'll report back what we learn. This could be in a story, a podcast, a video or a combination.


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We are currently working on our next CuriousCT story based on the following question:

  Why is there still such a long wait at the DMV after the time & money spent to install the new computer system a few years ago?.

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Since The Day started CuriousCT in February, readers have submitted more than 350 questions. These three questions we're calling "This and That."

Connecticut tops continental U.S. in electricity prices: what gives?

The average retail price of electricity in Connecticut is 17.55 cents per kilowatt hour, about 7 cents higher than the national average. Here are some reasons why.

Bill libraries in Groton, Ledyard united by family history

Two libraries, commonly mistaken for each other, are connected by family history.

Restaurants stand long vacant in Old Lyme, North Stonington

As part of The Day's CuriousCT initiative, we've received quite a few questions about specific buildings in the area. Today, we're answering questions about two area properties.

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CuriousCT answers to marine-related questions.

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As part of The Day's CuriousCT initiative, we answered Gales Ferry resident Bob Gwin's question: What really happens to all the material in our recycling bins?

Examining 27 years of taxes and spending

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What's the deal with that place? (Part 2)

CuriousCT readers are wondering about blighted properties in Groton and Quaker Hill, an abononed restaurant in Noank and a proposed restaurant on a pier in New London.

How does school spending break down?

This was the question a Lyme resident asked as part of The Day's CuriousCT initiative.

What’s the Deal with That Place?

As part of The Day's CuriousCT initiative, we've received quite a few questions about specific buildings in the area. Today, we're answering four readers' questions and plan on tackling more in the future.

City tackles blight but holds off on fines

The city has not handed out a single blight-related fine in at least a year, a fact that city officials claim has not hindered the success of an initiative designed to address quality-of-life issues.

Shedding light on New London's blight enforcement

Clifford Marlow doesn’t make a habit of driving around the city with a clipboard and camera to document properties not adhering to the city’s property maintenance code. But he takes pride in his Ocean Avenue property and is frustrated...

The rise and fall of the Capitol Theater

The old movie palace hovers in an open-ended afterlife, stuck between sepia-toned dreams of yesterday and the imagined promise of tomorrow.

CuriousCT: Does state lottery revenue support local schools?

The Connecticut Lottery Corp. turned over $345 million in last fiscal year, none of it earmarked for anything specific.