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For a fair and ethical election, examine complaints

Published: November 11, 2020 | Lee Elci

For decades, Democrats' talking points focused on voter suppression and potential unfair voting practices. Here is a perfect opportunity for the Democrat party to appear magnanimous in the eyes of the American people.

More shootings in 2020 follow earlier decrease

People who, under normal circumstances, wouldn't consider owning a firearm but have been converted by the combustible landscape, now seek out means to protect themselves.

Hoping for a president's death? How did it get this bad?

If you don’t think some would want Trump on the list of evil leaders, then you have misjudged the deep-rooted resentment for the current Commander in Chief.

Fragile Biden, bully Trump, befuddled audience

The former vice president is fragile and looks and acts like an old man, sometimes confused and struggling to remember memorized talking points.

Lamont fines for skipping mask contributes to COVID-19 overreaction

King Ned wants to ding me for a C-Note for disobeying his rules. But I am a citizen, not a subject.

New London council chooses political correctness over protecting lives

If police are less able to handle a mass shooter incident, will the blood of those injured or killed easily wash off the hands of council members who voted down a vehicle that could protect lives?

Serfs await the next edicts of good King Ned

Connecticut is the newest benefactor of a benevolent dictator. One person effectively governing while exercising absolute political power − but perceived to do so with a regard for benefit of the population.

Simplified spin of cops bad, 'victims' good hurts credibility of movement

A frank debate about police conduct has to include a frank acknowledgement of the conduct of the men they interacted with. Otherwise it appears a narrartive is being twisted to reach a preordained conclusion.

Democratic convention was painfully boring, its message empty

The Republican Convention — or should I say "Trumpalooza 2020"? — has been polar opposite to what the Democrats presented.

A big GOP fail and the problem with politics

The Republican chairman's job is creating a party message, quality candidate recruitment and fundraising. Has he been skilled enough in these areas to sufficiently appease state central committee voting members?

More cops, better training, zero tolerance for brutality and racist actions

The police are charged with the unforgiving responsibility to protect and serve. Let's give them the resources and support to do just that.

An Independence Day littered with turmoil

Peaceful objections and protest can be patriotic, but hate for hate's sake divides.

Will The Mob alone decide which images stand?

Shame on the New London police brass for caving to The Mob and bowing to the cowardice of political correctness.

What happens with fewer Connecticut state troopers?

Nationally, a majority of police departments report a declining number of applicants.