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Dr. I: When's the last time ND got called for holding?

Published: November 28, 2020 | Mike DiMauro

Random thoughts from the sports world

Yes, Virginia, there is a San Francisco (just ask Pete Barry)

Published: November 27, 2020 | Mike DiMauro

Former CGA coach remembers his days at USF

Come along and experience Bubbleville in Uncasville

Long strange night at Mohegan

King's coaching again: Power of the people ain't dead yet

Unity behind reinstating King provides a great lesson

Tim King has the community — and the truth — on his side

Tim King should keep his job as Valley Regional/Old Lyme football coach.

Appreciate what you have and give it all you've got

Practicing gratitude in a pandemic

Of Porter, Cabral and their faith-based journey back home

It is entirely human to yearn for the next thing in our lives. Endure the present, but flirt with the future. This was Keith Porter.

Why does distance learning preclude athletics from happening?

If COVID's circumstances necessitate fluidity, our actions must thus remain fluid.

Will the NCAA consider listening to Jere Quinn?

Season No. 43, the only one Jere Quinn has ever coached in a pandemic, will challenge him as no other.

In hindsight, Heinsohn was simply the best

Tommy Heinsohn made his mark one night at Mohegan Sun Arena.

Behavior from left and right making me nauseous

Sports played a role in the election

To ECC leadership: Thanks for a job well done

A million little haunting details became a daily dilemma around the games our kids play this fall, but Eastern Connecticut Conference athletic directors were up to the challenge.

Daigneault's words about 'fake news' ought to be memorized

Read more, turn off the television, get off the internet and social media, grab multiple newspapers and read.

Stick to sports? Sure beats our pathetic voting process

At least there's football to watch this weekend. A scoreboard. A winner. A loser. And all before bed.

Dr. I: Would the Rays have let Tolstoy finish 'War and Peace?'

Random thoughts from the sports world

Pete Gianakos: An institution at an institution retires

Mr. G's co-owner Peter Gianakos, who has helped feed us for 64 years, is retiring.

A whole new game (cornhole) for 'Johnny Clippers'

John Watt's new hobby is a fun, backyard game.

What if society ran as smoothly as our schools?

Blame school and the kids for COVID surge? No way.

There's baseball on? I'll pass

Analytics tugging at baseball's relevance

Kids should benefit most from NL community center

At some point, the priority needs to shift to the kids, especially in New London, where lip service has conditioned many of them to think they're entitled to less because they've always had less.

These women at UConn are worth every dime

This is where my reckless, feckless idealism gets in the way. Because I root for everybody. Make all the money you can, baby. It's called capitalism. As one pundit once noted, "money's money and there was only one Mother Theresa."

Peart doing UConn football proud for Big Blue

UConn grad emerges as a key N.Y. Giant

At East Lyme, the band plays on ... despite our new abnormal

Angelica Fadrowski had two options: respond or react. The latter would have been understandable, given our new abnormal

Be careful (and hopeful): Karma isn't messing around

We've reached the point in 2020 where the mere reference to 2020 describes 2020. Example: Something bizarro happens? Go palms up, give a shoulder shrug and offer an absorbing, "well, it's 2020 after all."

'Peace and blessings!' to the man who made NL a better place

Elder L. David Cornish was a city icon

Whalers were outscored 105-4 ... and then they won

Imagine: outscored 105-4 over an entire season. But still having the guts to show up every day.

HS hoops with no masks? I don't think so

ECC moves forward with plans for basketball

Can the ECC's 'football related activities' save youth football?

Youth football is facing participation issues that the ECC's 7 on 7 model can solve.

Dr. I: He'd be nowhere without CIAC guidance

Random thoughts from the sports world

An attitude of gratitude as high school sports return

High school sports make their return to Connecticut on Thursday as does GameDay on

Do we really all live in the same country?

Mason-Dixon line creates such stark boundaries and outlooks

Fitch's Williams speaks his truth, giving us salvation at the 50-yard line

Norwich — Heroism necessitates fearlessness, the kind that summons courage from the terror of vulnerability — and ultimately produces a moment where bravery and inspiration meet at a happy intersection. Thomas Williams, a junior at Fitch High, will remember Friday night for...

A guide for parents to watch their kids play sports this fall

Parents can watch their kids at some, not all games this fall

I have sinned against (gulp) ... Yaz

There's a value in staying on the field

Are the feds really going to withhold money from 1st graders?

An elementary school with no ties whatsoever to CIAC may lose $400,000 in federal funding because of the CIAC's stance on transgender athletes.

Is there still room on the Sun bandwagon?

The Connecticut Sun are two wins away from a repeat trip to the finals.

A salute to Mo and NL's fighting spirit

The All-Whaler class reunion celebrated New London's finest.

It's a mask, not a catheter

There are people – not the majority, but enough – who have turned mask wearing into a hissing contest

Jim Leone: the wind beneath the wings of St. Bernard

St. Bernard is minus one of its cleanup hitters now. Jim Leone, a 41-year theology teacher and football/wrestling/baseball coach, has opted for retirement – and just in time before having to learn Google Classroom, too.

Spring: When a young man's thoughts turn to ... football

Springs offers a safer version of Friday Night Lights

Dr. I's suggestions to combat the H.S. football crisis

Here are a few Idle Thoughts ... from COVID-19 to "hey, batter batter."

Dear H.S. football folks: Cope with the word 'no'

Giving science more time is the far better option than 22 football players breathing on each other in close proximity.

So when did high school football become more important than a lung?

We all want to know more about this virus. We just don't yet. We are still learning. Sometimes, science, patience and faith are all we have.

Barry and Sue poured more than coffee into Muddy Waters

Barry and Sue, who have decided to sell Muddy Waters, probably have no idea the impact they've had on the community just by choosing the vocation of coffee-pouring.

Let's have (second semester) football and ignore CIAC

Football in the second semester can and should happen.

The Mets lost their hero, a guy that made fans treasure their childhoods

Every team has one. The icon. The Man. The one player the fan base agrees — as much as fan bases can agree on anything — who symbolizes all it's ever meant to wear the uniform.

The NBA has turned activism into a living thing

The NBA players, who have turned activism from rhetoric into practicality, not only just made it easier for inhabitants of Milwaukee, Detroit and Charlotte to vote, but turned it into a cooler, safer experience.

Sports should not 'define' us

Have kids who say sports 'define' them been taught that at home?

'Shut up and dribble' no longer applies

Activism has become part of sports

Embracing the 'Mamba Mentality' to do better

I promise you: If you've ever been made uncomfortable — especially because of your own indiscretion — you learn that being uncomfortable is a great teacher.

It's time to replace the CIAC with 'CHANGE'

Connecticut needs a new governing body of HS sports

CIAC: where amateurs know more than experts

The high school sports wheels spin furiously but with no traction.

Harvey, Hahn give history some Royal treatment

Harvey, Hahn take the long roads back

Black Lives Matter advocates in East Lyme aren't going away

Navigating the BLM movement isn't easy in a pandemic.

CIAC's foibles are everybody's fault

If school systems want change, there will be change. And things must change

Killingly: the home of true Native American expertise

Maybe the actions of the Washington football team and from the Guilford school system would deliver a blinding flash of obvious to the Killingly school board.

We need to prepare the kids, not criticize the process

Kids, coaches and anyone else with an affinity for local sports were offered some hope Tuesday, when a CIAC source spoke of the likeliest path – for right now anyway – that fall sports return.

Baseball in the fall and football in the spring? Hmmm ...

Baseball in the fall would be a natural extension of a summer activity

Why does a golf course get more consideration than the kids?

And to think but three miles separate Norwich Golf Course from Jenkins Park. Three miles. Same city. Yet another example in this country that geographical proximity hardly begets corresponding philosophical connection.

Why would we waste time arguing with an idiot?

Sometimes, it's best to ignore

Should we have a fall high school sports season?

No high school sports till 2021 seems prudent

Memo to the media: Selective moral outrage is fraudulence

How about nobody ever quotes Hitler again?

Good thing Maya Moore didn't 'shut up and dribble'

Maya Moore deserves the Presidential Medal of Freedom

Dr. I: a closet Pats fan this season?

Will people named Brady have to change their names?

No more excuses at UConn: It's time to win

UConn has competitive advantages – some self-evident, others to be exercised – other Big East schools do not.

Will mosquitoes impact H.S. sports more than COVID-19?

EEE issues may imperil high school sports again this fall.

We're gonna miss you, Elaine Butler

Elaine Butler's chutzpah will be missed

How long till baseball goes to penalty kicks?

Don't we go to the ballpark to forget our daily problems?

Lorraine Allen: I'm glad I got to know her ... and will miss her dearly

New London hasn't known many more civic minded people than Lorraine Allen.

On transgender athletes: The law cannot stand still

Our antiquated, one-size-fits-all laws on this issue do not address the inherent concerns of equity, morality and biology. They need to be rewritten.

Change is happening before our eyes

This country works best when we include everyone of all colors, religions, ancestries and orientations who learn with, play with and learn about each other.

Local businesses offer hope to 700 with graduation gift boxes

Dozens (and dozens) of local businesses have offered us hope this month. They conspired to fill 700 "graduation boxes" with goodies for every kid graduating from East Lyme, Waterford and New London High Schools.

Shockey over Bavaro? I don't think so

I love no team more than the football Giants.

Tom Poblete: He came back home to New London

Tom Poblete pays it forward by remaining in New London

Do we have the guts to start teaching history differently?

History is a living thing, with tentacles and voices stretching across varying races and cultures

All-world fundraiser Bill Stanley can use a helping hand now

It requires time and many acts of good to reach institutional status. Ladies and gentlemen ... Bill Stanley.

CIAC: the home office for competitive disadvantage

Three-time defending state champion St. Joseph moves to a less competitive division

It's time to get the bugs (mosquitoes) out

If we have a high school sports season this fall, what guarantees do we have that it won't get hijacked again by those infamous mosquitoes carrying Eastern Equine Encephalitis? Ah yes. The dreaded EEE.

Young voices protest in ... wait for it ... East Lyme!

Three former athletes raise awareness

Voice of NFA grad McAlister resonates in black and white

NFA grad grapples with conflicting emotions

If baseball stays dark, why would we ever return to the ballpark?

The NBA, NHL and NFL are making it work. Baseball can't.