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They're playing hockey again in Norwich

Published: March 6, 2021 | Mike DiMauro

Hockey's popularity growing in region.

Is it possible to survive the Human Comments Section?

Published: March 4, 2021 | Mike DiMauro

Our words are getting meaner

Bubble, schmubble. Huskies find their salvation in Newark

UConn's win over Seton Hall solidifies tourney berth

We will miss Guisti's one-liners (and red shoes)

NFA coach leaves his mark on his school, program

Dr. I: If you won't let them in, at least let them watch

Random thoughts from the sports world

Preka sustaining the 'people's coffee shop'

City coffee shop stays alive during pandemic

Why won't NL ever consult people who know what they're talking about?

City needs input from people on the front lines who work with the kids and know them the best

The life of Ronde Ford, as told by mentor Dom Griffin

There is no place to dissect a kid's life in the wake of his death.

Bouknight: good enough for the NBA, but is he ready?

Is James Bouknight, who has appeared in all of eight games this year and 39 in his college career, ready for NBA rigors?

Gold stars to ECC for adhering to COVID protocols

High school basketball season a success - so far

Give me NFA, New London over a prep school, thanks

You grow up in your town, played in your community, play for your school and with your friends.

Bouknight case shows why honesty is such a lonely word

There's no reason for such secrecy over an elbow injury.

Who knew boredom could get so interesting?

Zoom calls becoming quite popular for two downstate attorneys.

No such thing as 'just a role player'

An ode to role players everywhere

Now you see why Paige is all the rage at UConn

Huskies don't need aesthetics to win.

Seton Hall was wrong team at wrong time for UConn

Better days coming for frustrated Huskies

Strecker leaves Lancers in a better place

Recently retired coach leaves long legacy

Dear H.S. athletes: sports or a social life, but not both

New guidelines offer hope for high school sports.

NL Community Center needs more specifics, less cheerleading

Proposed community center has potential

Dr. I: Does Tom Brady get credit for discovering the COVID vaccine, too?

Random thoughts from the sports world.

Curt Schilling vs. the morality clause. Hmmm ...

Baseball Hall of Fame voters have tougher decisions than ever.

Etess belongs on the state's Rushmore of sports

Former Mohegan Sun CEO leaves quite a legacy.

Biden's new mandate on transgender athletes swings and misses

Feds should take the lead on transgender issues

Praise the Lord and pass the Mylanta until Bouknight returns

UConn men need an offensive coordinator.

UConn-Tennessee 'not a big deal' anymore? Says who?

History a key to women's basketball's best rivalry.

Of hoops, masks and BU's unwillingness to help

BU program unwilling to help shed light on masks and basketball

Football and wrestling expose CIAC's shortcomings

Football, wrestling have more in common than they realize.

Contradictory H.S. sports rules leave many of us befuddled

Spring football never had a real chance in Connecticut.

'Conservative Grace' and her civil exchange of ideas

SB grad espouses conservative ideals

Hurley slowly hearkening the old days at UConn

UConn men making their way back from the wilderness

RIP Dee Rowe: The once and future conscience of UConn sports

Remembering the life of Dee Rowe

Dr. I is convinced Curt Schilling's the reason God made the mute button

Dr. Idle's thoughts from the sports world.

Of the WNBA and its contribution to democracy

WNBA players help Warnock's election

The 'Old Gray Lady' swings and misses

Sports have an emerging role in a pandemic.

Karma won't be kind to Doug Pederson

Pederson altered with the game's integrity

Happy New Year! (Now put down your phone)

2021 should be 'The Year Of The Person'

'Quadzilla' proving NFL Draftniks wrong

New London's AJ Dillon suddenly drawing comparisons to Derrick Henry.

Note to UConn fans: Time to hit Atlantic BB in the wallet

Many in region can't watch UConn women's basketball on SNY this season.

Dr. I is very much looking forward to Geno's next halftime rant

Idle Thoughts, while waiting for 2021, the Giants to stop faking field goals and for better snow removal in New London: • Dr. Idle, Dr. I to his close friends, can't wait for the next UConn women's game. Not for the game. But for the halftime interview. Geno Auriemma's streams...

2020: The wound is where the light gets in

Waterford Youth and Family Services, Cactus Jack help many in their town.

Nadya's Hot Chocolate Bombs: yummy for the tummy

New London STEM pathway junior Nadya Murphy is running her own business when she isn't playing lacrosse.

The old Geno is back coaching the new Huskies

UConn's defense stifles a tough team to guard

A list of dumb things I've seen recently

Of Dodd Stadium, Daniel Jones and sports watching issues

Why are narcissists so irresistible?

Sports news from last week produced the revelation that Kyrie Irving, whose bizarre musings often suggest his cord doesn't always reach the outlet, decided he's not talking to the media this year.

Dear college hoop folks: Sacrifice more, speak less

The show must - and should - go on

Saluting the life of Fred Hahn, an American original

Groton's Fred Hahn was a fixture at local sporting events.

Mother Teresa, Jonas Salk and ... Lou Holtz?

Trump picks coach with checkered past for medal of freedom

RIP, Mike Shalin, a man who taught me everything

Former Fenway official scorer Mike Shalin dies at 65

Jere Quinn's 'boss' (his son, Matt) upholding T-More's excellence

Exercise sciences working at T-More

New book on Montelli hearkens happy memories

Former St. Joe's coach Vito Montelli talks about 50 years in basketball

Fuller deserves proportionate accolades

Fuller wins league award for a kickoff

Dr. I: When's the last time ND got called for holding?

Random thoughts from the sports world

Yes, Virginia, there is a San Francisco (just ask Pete Barry)

Former CGA coach remembers his days at USF

Come along and experience Bubbleville in Uncasville

Long strange night at Mohegan

King's coaching again: Power of the people ain't dead yet

Unity behind reinstating King provides a great lesson

Tim King has the community — and the truth — on his side

Tim King should keep his job as Valley Regional/Old Lyme football coach.

Appreciate what you have and give it all you've got

Practicing gratitude in a pandemic

Of Porter, Cabral and their faith-based journey back home

It is entirely human to yearn for the next thing in our lives. Endure the present, but flirt with the future. This was Keith Porter.

Why does distance learning preclude athletics from happening?

If COVID's circumstances necessitate fluidity, our actions must thus remain fluid.

Will the NCAA consider listening to Jere Quinn?

Season No. 43, the only one Jere Quinn has ever coached in a pandemic, will challenge him as no other.

In hindsight, Heinsohn was simply the best

Tommy Heinsohn made his mark one night at Mohegan Sun Arena.

Behavior from left and right making me nauseous

Sports played a role in the election

To ECC leadership: Thanks for a job well done

A million little haunting details became a daily dilemma around the games our kids play this fall, but Eastern Connecticut Conference athletic directors were up to the challenge.

Daigneault's words about 'fake news' ought to be memorized

Read more, turn off the television, get off the internet and social media, grab multiple newspapers and read.

Stick to sports? Sure beats our pathetic voting process

At least there's football to watch this weekend. A scoreboard. A winner. A loser. And all before bed.

Dr. I: Would the Rays have let Tolstoy finish 'War and Peace?'

Random thoughts from the sports world

Pete Gianakos: An institution at an institution retires

Mr. G's co-owner Peter Gianakos, who has helped feed us for 64 years, is retiring.

A whole new game (cornhole) for 'Johnny Clippers'

John Watt's new hobby is a fun, backyard game.

What if society ran as smoothly as our schools?

Blame school and the kids for COVID surge? No way.

There's baseball on? I'll pass

Analytics tugging at baseball's relevance

Kids should benefit most from NL community center

At some point, the priority needs to shift to the kids, especially in New London, where lip service has conditioned many of them to think they're entitled to less because they've always had less.

These women at UConn are worth every dime

This is where my reckless, feckless idealism gets in the way. Because I root for everybody. Make all the money you can, baby. It's called capitalism. As one pundit once noted, "money's money and there was only one Mother Theresa."

Peart doing UConn football proud for Big Blue

UConn grad emerges as a key N.Y. Giant

At East Lyme, the band plays on ... despite our new abnormal

Angelica Fadrowski had two options: respond or react. The latter would have been understandable, given our new abnormal

Be careful (and hopeful): Karma isn't messing around

We've reached the point in 2020 where the mere reference to 2020 describes 2020. Example: Something bizarro happens? Go palms up, give a shoulder shrug and offer an absorbing, "well, it's 2020 after all."

'Peace and blessings!' to the man who made NL a better place

Elder L. David Cornish was a city icon

Whalers were outscored 105-4 ... and then they won

Imagine: outscored 105-4 over an entire season. But still having the guts to show up every day.

HS hoops with no masks? I don't think so

ECC moves forward with plans for basketball

Can the ECC's 'football related activities' save youth football?

Youth football is facing participation issues that the ECC's 7 on 7 model can solve.

Dr. I: He'd be nowhere without CIAC guidance

Random thoughts from the sports world

An attitude of gratitude as high school sports return

High school sports make their return to Connecticut on Thursday as does GameDay on

Do we really all live in the same country?

Mason-Dixon line creates such stark boundaries and outlooks