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Face reality, Mr. Elci, your guy lost bigly

Another incisive op-ed piece by southeastern Connecticut's 21st century answer to

Trump's market claims not so impressive

The big news from our president regarding the Dow hitting an all-time high on Nov. 23 of 30,000 prompted me to research historic stock market...


Columnist Chris Powell

'Infinite money' reliance a dangerous strategy

Getting paid for doing or accomplishing nothing is a way of life in Hartford, encouraged by state government's steady subsidy of so many failures in...

Columnist S.E. Cupp

Celebs acting badly should infuriate all

This is why the political lectures at Hollywood award shows often ring so hollow and feel so insulting.

Columnist Lee Elci

Head-scratching numbers continue election doubts

It just doesn't add up. And Trump's legal team has less than two weeks to prove fraud is the reason.