Olsen is the chef New London needs to cook up success

I met Marty Olsen in 2004. I was introduced by Bob Grills through the service club New London Kiwanis. As I grew to know Marty over the next 15...

One trick Congress?

Is it my understanding that Congress can't do two things at once? Is reviewing impeachment and addressing gun control and/or other legislation too...


Columnist Lee Elci

Stand up to antifa or prepare for trouble

The group is a left-leaning, anti-racist assemblage supposedly monitoring and tracking the activities of local neo-Nazis. The problem is these Nazi...

Columnist David Ignatius

For American soldiers, Trump's betrayal of the Kurds is sickening

It's probably impossible for Americans to fully grasp the sense of betrayal felt by the Syrian Kurds, who suffered 11,000 dead in a war that we...

Columnist Paul Choiniere

Connecticut's accidental governor needs to find his voice

Nearly one year into his term, Ned Lamont has yet to find an inspirational message.