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COUNTERPOINT: Biden is doing more than you think

Despite his own mistakes and the Republicans’ calculated, cynical opposition to even popular initiatives such as infrastructure investment and action on climate change, Biden has accomplished a lot in one year

POINT: Biden’s first year in Oval Office has been a disaster

As a direct result of his Afghanistan mistakes, 13 U.S. military members paid the ultimate price as they heroically tried to guard the gates to Hamid Karzai Airport in the waning days of the pullout.

Moderates must seize back our nation

The problem is moderates, as citizens, are ignored by the press and, as politicians, are not considered “exciting” and do not gain traction in Congress.

Attack on Soros mainstreams antisemitic tropes

Their online echo chambers reverberate with conspiracies about Soros, accusing him of attempting to perpetrate “white genocide” and push his own malevolent agenda.

Get the kids outside. The potential for learning abounds.

Perhaps such an education model could allow the human race to survive the existential threats that burden us in this century.

Listen to science, not to others

What Mr. Jahncke has failed to grasp are two important notions in epidemiology: prevalence and variant.

R.I.P. Betty White

Thanks for the great example of feistiness and earthiness cloaked in a pseudo-traditional image. In the end, you did it your way and you have left us a great example plus a fortune of wonderful memories that will live on for decades, for which we...

Will sports gambling foster addiction? You can bet on it

A parliamentary study of the U.K. gambling market published last year highlighted the large sums the industry spent on advertising and noted that most its profits came from a small number of problem gamblers.

Let's celebrate our investments in public safety

There is continued support for police and public safety here in Connecticut.

State Pier and Offshore Wind: Moving Connecticut’s Economy Forward

Another advantage of the State Pier project and the offshore wind industry’s arrival in New London is the value proposition it provides Connecticut as the state explores new opportunities to build out the industry’s supply chain.


Still to do in East Lyme: Acknowledge the problem of racism

The resolution would be useless as an idealistic statement sitting on a shelf, but as a blueprint applied to policymaking and budget development, its...

Government: Be honest about Covid

When the experts get it wrong, the stakes are high. If home tests aren't reliable, and breakthrough cases become more likely, false assurances can...

DeSantis pushes for freedom from COVID’s brutal reality

Here’s the cruelest thing about DeSantis’ schtick: Every day, more Floridians are losing their freedom. It might start with the loss of...


Columnist Paul Choiniere

Transforming Fort Trumbull, without a Coast Guard Museum

While the development of the residential properties and the community center will leave some parcels undeveloped, I suspect it won't be for long.


Smart progressives should love Elon Musk

What bothers some 20th-century progressives is that Musk is an unapologetic capitalist who mocks them for obsessing on his wealth.

Columnist Cal Thomas

New York: No longer a 'Fun City'

Crime in the city is rising quickly and adding to the fears and restrictions associated with the pandemic, which has hurt many businesses. Tourists...