Politics get in the way of health-care fixes

When it comes to healthcare, the perfect remains the enemy of the good, as illustrated by Sen. Warren's recent vote.

Reparations: It's time to speak up, and it's OK to be angry

It's important to remember that slavery was not just the theft of labor but the theft of black women's sexual autonomy.

Kamala Harris wants to ‘prosecute the case’ against Trump. What does that mean?

What will Harris do if she continues to talk about prosecuting Trump, either literally or figuratively, and supporters in the audience start chanting: “Lock him up!”?

What I'm looking for in Democratic debates

Some say Democrats jneed someone who can defeat President Trump; others, someone who is inspirational; and still others,someone with big ideas. I'm looking for a candidate who can do all of that.


Full text of House resolution condemning President Trump’s ‘racist comments’

American patriotism is defined not by race or ethnicity but by devotion to the Constitutional ideals of equality, liberty, inclusion, and democracy and by service to our communities and struggle for the common good.

Mystic development plans should align with existing zoning

Seaport Marine is not a neighborhood. It is a business. This marine business property should be rebuilt under the existing Marine Commercial zoning

Environmental partnership helps improve access to health care in eastern Connecticut

Former Triangle Wire plant became a United Community and Family Services facility after brownfields cleanup.

It's not just your fault that you eat so much sugar

The market is full of oversweetened foods.A study designed to measure people's reactions to bitterness found that they rarely complained about something being bitter or salty -- the primary complaint was that foods were too sweet.

Dodging a constitutional crisis with the census

It is important to understand just what a radical course of action the administration was flirting with.

I want more immigrants - and a citizenship question

Canada and Australia let in high percentages of legal immigrants and take tough stances in controlling their borders. Both countries ask about citizenship on their censuses.

Student has fond memories of teacher now caught up in controversy

I strongly believe Mr. Chokas had only the best intentions for the students for which he cared so dearly.

Aid-in-dying laws gain momentum

I urge the lawmakers in Connecticut and every state to let the evidence and data guide policy making and authorize this compassionate option without further delay.

Who needs state-controlled media? Trump has Fox’s Tucker Carlson

In Carlson's formulation, any criticism of Trump's diplomacy equates to advocacy of a nightmare war with North Korea.

Our politics is in a partisan death spiral. That's why I'm leaving the GOP

The two-party system has evolved into an existential threat to American principles and institutions.


Recent upheaval rocks confidence in Port Authority

The sudden departure of the chairman, followed by news that a critical deal remains unsigned and the executive director has been placed on leave,...

For no good reason, Tubman won't be honored on $20 bill

Thanks to the intervention of his treasury secretary, Steven Mnuchin, only likenesses of white men will appear on U.S. paper money for the duration...

Connecticut prepares for 5G revolution

The upgrade will herald a new communications age of smart, connected devices gathering massive amounts of data. It will change the way we live, work...


Columnist Cal Thomas

Trump places Democrats in lose-lose corner

The president is setting Democrats up for what could be a major defeat in the 2020 election by forcing them to embrace these people and their...

Columnist Marc A. Thiessen

Democrats say no one is above the law, except illegal immigrants

It's a little hard to take Democrats seriously when, in investigating Trump, they claim to be fighting for the principle that no one is above the law.

Columnist Lee Elci

Left screams racism for political gain

The sky isn't falling. We live in a more accepting world today than we lived in yesterday and tomorrow will be better than today.