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We've been with you throughout the pandemic, and now as vaccines become more widely available, we are reporting on how our local schools, businesses and communities are returning to a more "normal" future. There's never been more of a need for the kind of local, independent and unbiased journalism that The Day produces.
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If Court rejected vaccine passports, student mandate could fall

Legal experts generally see vaccine passports as constitutional, but we should not assume that this deference to state power would continue under the current Supreme Court.

Was pulling J&J vaccine the right move?

Based on the data we have, it looks like there really is an association between the vaccine and these blood clots.

Yellen picks a fight with global corporate tax dodgers

It’s a race to the bottom as rich-country governments keep chopping corporate tax rates to lure corporate dollars and end up shifting more and more of the fiscal burden onto the shoulders of middle- and working-class taxpayers.

Attempts to restrict transgender girls from school sports likely to fail

Based on a past precedent and Justice Neil Gorsuch's adherence to textualism, the Supreme Court is likely to strike down laws prohibiting transgender athletes from competing.

It is time for Justice Stephen Breyer to retire

Justice Ginsburg died during the term of a Republican president, who replaced her with a staunch conservative, Amy Coney Barrett. Liberals should urge Breyer to retire immediately to avoid a similar fate.

This pandemic probably just first of many

As urbanization expands worldwide and the space for wildlife shrinks, human environment interactions intensify, and zoonotic transmission of viruses from animals to humans becomes easier.

To celebrate being fully vaccinated I took a trip

If the ride felt familiar, it didn’t feel the same. The train rocked past theaters and restaurants where I’d once gone; they were now closed temporarily or forever. Cars passed in the streets below, but not as many as there used to be.

Is ranked-choice voting a better way to run elections?

The concept is gaining steam around the country: Lawmakers in 29 states are considering measures this year that would adopt ranked-choice voting in some form.

Americans are stubbornly unmoved by death

A dreadful normalcy has returned. Muscle memory demands that we lament it − even as all evidence suggests that many of us are unmoved by death.


Connecticut should focus on health value, not creating a state public option

Thinking that there will be substantially lower premiums to the public using the state employee health plan is a false hope.

State digital ad tax could kill small businesses

Businesses all across Connecticut are filled with concern about the new tax on digital advertising the state legislature is now considering.

Where is DiMauro's concerns for cuts in UHart academic programs?

Would that DiMauro’s slavish devotion to college athletics and the magical thinking that accompanies it translated also to academics.

Start planning to make state government normal, too

Many of my colleagues rightly stressed the need to return the legislature to its co-equal role. What's the plan? What are the logistics?

People and their history are the heart of Mystic

The people and their history are the heart of a community. I would hope that here in Mystic, folks would be more aware of theirs.

Expand House to make it representative again

The first Congress had one representative for 60,000 Americans. The ratio is now 760,000 and rapidly growing.

Run through the tape to victory over COVID-19

We need more people to be vaccinated. Our vaccines are safe. They will help us beat this virus. I commend everyone who has received the doses of these life-saving vaccines.

Political roadhouse brawl at State Pier

Roughly 100 people lost their jobs as DRVN Enterprises and the ILA 1411 Longshoremen’s Union were forced out of State Pier with no viable alternate location to continue operations.

Unite for a better education for all kids

For too long, the charter schools in Connecticut that serve brown and Black communities have been mistreated and underserved by our state.

Training a workforce for economic recovery

The legislature and public should support bills proposed by Gov. Ned Lamont with the intent of matching worker training to the jobs available.


On Earth Day, celebrating a policy that moves beyond slogans

We support TCI as a commonsense measure to advance the development of green infrastructure.

Senate should follow House, end school vaccine exemption

Rather than religious conviction, parents are acting on false pseudo-science claims that vaccinations are linked to autism or other health issues.

Connecticut got it right passing police accountability reforms

In the months since the landmark legislation was approved we have, unfortunately, only been reminded how much this law was needed.


Columnist Lee Elci

Rejecting the left's false 'unity' of mandated beliefs

Diversity has always been the liberals go-to phrase to define American strength. So, it's somewhat ironic that after reclaiming the national...

Columnist Robert Reich

Biden's industrial policy is the key to his economic restructuring

America's old industrial policy was stifling innovation and gauging taxpayers and consumers. The challenges ahead demand a very different economy.

Columnist Paul Choiniere

A 'delicious' mayoral contest in City of Groton

Unusual campaign ingredients have produced an absolutely delicious political dish, spiced up with all sorts of political subplots.