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Indian Country needs support in COVID-19 fight

The Navajo Nation has recently seen infection rates higher than any state. In New Mexico, Native Americans make up just 11% of the population, but account for more than half of the COVID-19 cases.

China using crisis started there to dominate markets here

Chinese government officials and leading academics have described the COVID-19 crisis as an opportunity for Chinese producers.

Trump needs two electoral blocs to win. The pandemic is dividing them.

If the president's support among seniors persists into November, Trump won't just lose; he'll lose in a landslide.


Local lawmakers ready to assist as casinos reopen

The cautious and deliberative approaches we saw instill a great deal of confidence and inspire a sense of renewed optimism that our economy is on the road to recovery.

Diverse Coast Guard class sails forward in a special way

Many will return as instructors, coaches, spouses, support staff, little league coaches, volunteers, and, eventually, as retirees who choose to make southeastern Connecticut their permanent home.

Groton’s use of rainy day funds for everyday expenses a mistake

Using the unassigned fund balance to cover operating expenses is fiscally irresponsible and is an unsustainable practice.

Courtney argues case for $3 trillion HEROES Act

Congressman says massive bill is necessary to prevent economic disaster, but it has gotten a cool response from Republican Senate and the president.

We have slipped down the slope of 'relative ethics'

Leaders justify conduct that is clearly immoral by making the defense that it is in the greater interest, reducing ethics to a relative term.

Get buried green

No embalming. No concrete vault. No polyester suit. No plastic buttons. No pocket change. If you’re in a casket, it’s plain vanilla pine or cardboard.

Collaboration essential for economic recovery

This unprecedented health and grave economic crisis has resulted in a devastating increase in unemployment.

During the pandemic, safety is pro-business

Only businesses that meet requirements for masks, social distancing and cleaning will be able to operate. As their loyal customers, we can promote their success by observing all the rules as well.

So how does this hoax work?

Do you not know any health care workers? I know lots. They don’t seem like the sneaky lying fiends they’d all have to be to pull off this hoax.

Connecticut is weeks behind on benefits for self-employed

I am contacted daily by constituents who still have not received any payment, from the contract cleaner who is down to the last $300 to the yoga instructor now relying on food banks.


Protest, work for change, but reject violence

In New London they delivered their message, they vented their fury, but peacefully. For that they should be proud. It says something positive about...

When can black Americans expect equal justice?

This was the modern-day lynching of a black man. But instead of a rope, the tool of suffocation was the knee of Minneapolis police officer.

Without more relief, recession will gravely deepen

There are no good options here, only less bad ones. And not acting to help states is the worst choice.


Columnist Robert Reich

Trump's presidency is all but over

In reality, Donald Trump doesn't run the U.S. government. He doesn't manage anything. He doesn't organize anyone. He doesn't administer or oversee or...

Columnist Froma Harrop

Summer people arrived early. What about snowbirds?

If remote work becomes more permanent, second-home people may have even less of an incentive to leave.

Columnist Chris Powell

It makes no sense to put public at risk to protect criminals

People who cannot support themselves honestly or are so damaged psychologically that they cannot stop harming others must be locked up, epidemic or...