Don't let e-cigarettes be on-ramp for teenage addiction

E-cigarette manufacturers are on notice. They still have the opportunity to come forward with their own plans to stem use by children.

How to fill the gaps in U.S. economy

DARPA works in an area of technology in which the private sector hasn't made much progress, such as or drone submarines, and finds researchers to fill the void.

The busboy who tried to help a wounded RFK in 1968 dies

He was haunted by what happened just after midnight on June 5, 1968, when he was on duty as a busboy at the Ambassador Hotel.

Economic progress still alludes many

Real median weekly earnings increased substantially during Barack Obama's final 18 months as president. Despite job growth, that has not been the case under President Trump.

Marrying flood management with creative urban design

The rapid urbanization of coastal areas is putting more people and property in harm’s way.

Divide in America grows wider with Kavanaugh charges, as bad gets worse

It might be that red-state Democrats find themselves in a lose-lose situation.


Laity is key to Catholic Church’s restitution

These were unconscionable acts that only those who are skilled enough and willing to be open to learning about a very dark place in humanity can bring insight and — it is hoped — some resolution.

Local GOP state senators Formica and Somers mimic Washington brethren

Republicans in the Connecticut Senate this year played similar partisan games with their rejection of Andrew McDonald’s nomination to be chief justice of the Connecticut Supreme Court.

The Kavanaugh saga: who let the dogs out?

Send. Richard Blumenthal was convinced of Kavanaugh’s guilt long before the hearings opened.

The big lie about Malloy and taxes

While Gov. Malloy signed two large tax increases into law, the claim that they were the two biggest tax hikes is simply not true.

Somers: Critics distort bump-stock vote

'The simple fact of the matter is I supported a ban on bump stocks and voted that way.'

Safe Futures: We believe you and we can help

"The United States is home to a rape culture, one that blames and shames survivors, while excusing violations against women’s bodies with 'boys will be boys.'”

As AG, Hatfield would work to prevent sexual harassment

The Republican candidate for attorney general contends the portrayal of her positions in a recent column were inaccurate and unfair.

When it comes to Republican-appointed judge, Yale laws students ignore due process

One has no choice but to draw the conclusion that these students have learned little or nothing since enrolling in Yale Law School.

Lamont: We can’t afford silence in the age of Trump

This is not a federal issue  —  it’s moral one. It’s a deeply personal one.

Groton RTM is the elected body most entwined with the voters

Charter revision would result in massive reductions of Groton's diverse, dynamic and community-rooted representation.


Courtney has focused on getting the job done

If Democrats take the House of Representatives in November, as many pollsters see as likely, Courtney would almost certainly become chairman of the...

Seize chance to lock up transportation funds

The amendment is meant to assure that money directed into the Special Transportation Fund is used for transportation, regardless of how that money is...

'Yes' to Question 2 to keep public land transfers public

Ballot question would amend state constitution to end disposal of publicly owned land without a public hearing.


Columnist Eugene Robinson

Trump has abdicated moral leadership on what should be core issues for America

The United States is more than a set of national interests. It is a set of ideas that have inspired seekers of freedom throughout the world.

Columnist Jennifer Rubin

Saudi connections another reason to elect Democrats as check on Trump abuses

Republicans have repeatedly showed us they don't give a darn if the president violates the Constitution or is influenced by his own financial...

Columnist Marc A. Thiessen

Democrats' smear of Kavanaugh sunk their own Senate chances

When you drag your party and your country down into the depths of political depravity, Americans will not reward you at the polls.