Qatar happy to again annoy Saudi Arabia

Exiting OPEC, a powerful cartel with a real impact on world affairs, will cost Qatar little, being a minor-league oil producer with little influence on the group's decisions.

Mattis and Republicans to Trump: Don't cut defense

Trump brags that he has rebuilt the military after years of neglect by President Obama. Yet the White House has required that all departments cur 5 percent from planned budgets.

Worry less about inflation and more about recession

The Federal Reserve risks starting recessions in the cause of being able to fight them.

What does the left's ascendancy say about the Democratic Party?

Sanders and Ocasio-Cortez are offering nothing new. They try to mask everyday politician-speak as serious calls for action.

In Mississippi and beyond, progress on race is agonizingly slow

Mississippi hasn’t elected a Democratic senator since 1982 and hasn’t had a black senator since 1881.

For sheep’s sake, ditch wool this holiday season

To castrate male lambs, tight rings were placed around their scrotums — which is extremely painful — so that their testicles would eventually shrivel up and fall off.

Big mistake to eliminate religion in schools

American students should be exposed to religion to have a functional knowledge of faith and principles such as doctrine, dogma, religious practice and spirituality.

Danger of teaching becoming preaching

Preaching in public schools undermines the unifying role public schools play in our communities.


The Senate must defend democracy

"We are at an inflection point in which the foundational principles of our democracy and our national security interests are at stake."

Diocese of Norwich Bishop Cote addresses flock on sexual assault scandal

"The sexual abuse of children is a tragedy for all involved — victims, families, the People of God, and even perpetrators. "

41: A Timeless Model for Connecticut Republicans

It’s important that we look to the model that George H.W. Bush laid out to gather a broad base of support.

Abandoning INF negotiations threatens our very existence

The answer to new problems that have come up is not to abandon the INF Treaty, but to preserve and fix it.

Connecticut needs paid family leave to boost its economy

A self-funding paid family leave program increases employee retention, avoids costly turnover and attracts new hires.

Trade wars trigger crisis for dairy farmers

How long will the president and legislators wait? Until the dairy industry is at the point of collapse?

Letting go of icons and comfortable myths

I've spent my life studying leaders and leadership, abandoning long-held beliefs, a journey that I suspect never ends.

Norwich Public Utilities board should suspend Bilda without pay

Suspended with pay? A nice vacation for someone under investigation for theft by taking and using public money.

Carbon pricing finally gets Congress’ attention

This bill is the first nationwide carbon-pricing and revenue-neutral bill sponsored by both Republicans and Democrats.

Why 'Happy Holidays' is not a bad thing

Ironically, a holiday extending “tidings of comfort and joy” has become a political hot topic creating a perceived “Us vs. Them” conflict.


Looming Mueller report will test Congress

The country is facing an intense political drama and constitutional challenge. The need for calm, wise and nonpartisan leadership is urgent.

Don't rush relocation of New London offices

Yes, the city has to do something about its costly, aging buildings. But it has to take time to make sure it is the right thing.

Keeping Millstone humming

New competition rules for Millstone are welcomed because a sudden shutdown of the nuclear plant would pose a big problem.


Columnist Marc A. Thiessen

On Saudi Arabia, Trump channels his inner George H.W. Bush

Bush's eagerness to placate Chinese leaders after the Tiananmen Square slaughter, and his reticence in condemning those who committed such horrific...

Columnist Cal Thomas

Major media loves George H.W. Bush, now that he's dead

For the major media, it would appear the only good Republican is a dead Republican.

Columnist Eugene Robinson

Bulldoze blue wall of silence or police killings of black men will continue

It remains true that if police are involved almost any activity is dangerous if you are African-American and male.