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'The President’s actions must be met with consequence'

The impeachment of Donald Trump is essential to protect our national security and the peaceful transition of power.

No march, new problems in fight for women’s equality

Thanks to the pandemic, women have a magnified set of problems to tackle. Once it is over, women are going to have to fight their way back into the workforce.

Major Mystic development should save theater

This unique 322-seat theater that features a 1,623-square-foot stage and balcony is set to be eliminated without any consideration of the potential benefits that a renovated theater could provide.

Impeach Trump now. He’s too dangerous.

I don't expect this to happen, but it should.

A Trump self-pardon would invite his prosecution

The Justice Department could not accept the concept that a president could make himself above the law and would be forced to bring charges against the ex-president.

Winners and losers from pandemic compromised Census

Questions have been raised about the accuracy of the final numbers. But, then again, questions about the reliability of the official population date back to the first Census.

Antitrust laws bad social-media fit

The problem is that antitrust laws were conceived in a different age, before information technology and its strong network effects were commonplace.

A free press was under attack across the globe in 2020

"The record number of journalists imprisoned around the world is President Trump’s press freedom legacy."


Groton Dem Committee: Insurrection aided by many in GOP

But Trump did not act alone. He was aided and abetted by numberless Republican politicians, some who actively endorsed his lies, others who remained silent.

Private clubs hit with big liquor-permit fee at worst time

Prior to the passage of this act, a club permit was $300 per year. Now it is $2,000 per year, a 666% increase in one year! Even for Connecticut, that's a bit steep.

Community College leaders joint statement on Capitol attack

This incident shed a glaring light on our nation’s failure to address the most critical and divisive elements in our society.

Day editorial correct, Connecticut Republicans need a new path

The Day also calls for open primaries to unaffiliated voters, with which I could not agree more.

Racism as political strategy too long tolerated

The Republican us-against-them Southern Strategy led to President Trump's election and to the violent reaction when his supporters would not accept the democratically determined outcome.

We are at a crossroad. The choice is ours.

We can’t blame the leaders we elect, or the media we digest, or the institutions we’ve created. In a democracy we have choice.

Attack built on rage over corrupt system

Where was the outrage when corporate raiders plundered the nation's manufacturing sector in the Heartland and moved jobs overseas?

Almost normal. One system’s efforts to keep students in school.

The ability of Lyme Old-Lyme public-school district to employ safety mitigations wisely, and use proactive problem solving to bring their children back into the school buildings is remarkable.

Port Authority ignored law to placate unions

This isn’t a union vs. non-union issue, it’s an issue of what’s best for the state and for taxpayers.

Give your stimulus payment to those in greater need

If your means allow, allocate all or a portion of your forthcoming stimulus payments to support your suffering fellow citizens.


Finding reason for optimism on historic day

We again dare to hope as Joe Biden prepares to take office as president and Kamala Harris as vice president.

Strong New London police review report shows a path forward

The mayor, council and police chief would do well to use this document as a blueprint for improving community policing in this racially diverse...

Online wagering: the state's deal, not Lamont's deal

The governor should welcome the proposal of representatives from this region to set the parameters by statute. It should strengthen his negotiating...


Columnist Clarence Page

Searching for hope in a capital city under tight security

Biden's advantage as rising president is something Republicans tried to ridicule in his campaign: His long years of experience with how Washington...

Columnist Robert Reich

Why Biden can't govern from the center

Most of those in today's GOP live in a parallel universe. There's no "center" between the reality-based world and theirs. Trump has remade the party...

Columnist Paul Choiniere

Dealmaker Lamont? The evidence, and Mayor Passero, suggest not.

What should have been easy is getting New London that seat on the port authority. Fulfilling that pledge to New London and Passero should have been a...