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Some old-fashioned horse trading could have produced stimulus deal

Republicans and Democrats in Congress should have sought a bargain: They would accept the inclusion of a provision they oppose, so long as the other side did the same.

Think protection of same-sex marriage was settled law? Think again.

I had naively assumed that the issue of marriage equality between gays and lesbians had been firmly settled by the court.

The right-wing media has a new fake Hillary Clinton scandal

That's right: It's 27 days until the election, Biden leads in many polls by double digits, and Trump and his allies are focusing their fire on — Hillary Clinton.

I've known Amy Coney Barrett for 15 years. Liberals have nothing to fear.

In all the time I have known her, I have never once seen Barrett place her needs above those of others.

Trump failed to protect us, and himself

Trump is a survivor and has been able to power over hurdles before. But for now, reality has caught up with the reality-TV star.

'Clowns,' 'fools,' mark debate with only lowlights

If Biden is comfortably ahead, as the polls generally suggest, then Trump needed the debate to change the race and it didn't.


Congregation Beth El serves the community

The New London-area Jewish community remains an energetic and socially active community that is committed to serving the needs of both the Jewish and the general community.

How about a virtual Coast Guard Museum?

No brick and mortar required, costs would be drastically reduced, and the museum’s reach would be limitless.

With stimulus hopes fading, Fed and lenders must help small businesses

The situation has made the tightfistedness of the Federal Reserve’s Main Street Lending Program (MSLP) all the more frustrating.

Local Republicans: It's about Connecticut, not just about Trump

We are united in our distaste for the president’s divisive and crude rhetoric. We are also united in our commitment to our constituents and to battling the policies of the majority party.

State House Election is about more than police immunity

As a uniformed officer... my input led to inclusion of important policies like establishing statewide training standards and making it so officers decertified by one department could not be hired by another.

Voters should re-elect Osten, other incumbents, says tribal leader

These dedicated public servants have sacrificed much to be our voice in Hartford. They have earned another term in office and we need to turn out in support of their reelection.

Skip pink. Avoid meat. Eat green. Reduce breast cancers.

Buying all the pink T-shirts won't do for breast cancer prevention what buying produce instead of meat can.

How Connecticut is fighting the threat to U.S. democracy and our elections system

The threat is real. Authoritarian regimes have tested tactics against American election systems that they can deploy to undermine confidence in the integrity of the 2020 elections.

New London House candidate contends Day editorial unfairly villainized her

The editorial’s agenda was clear from the start — to paint my opponent as a hero and villainize me for receiving support of police unions.

Joe Biden is looking like a winner

Even if there is a last-minute move, by hook or by crook, to win support for Trump, Biden remains far enough ahead to take the punch and stay on his feet.


Debates that enlightened

The debates served the intended purpose of making it clear, or at least clearer, where the candidates stood on some of the most important issues of...

Plea deal doesn't match Purdue Pharma's opioid crime

The current agreement doesn't begin to make the needed restitution for the human and economic toll Purdue Pharma inflicted on this country.

Well, that's better

The governor’s fiscally prudent instincts were the right ones to nurse the state through this crisis.


Columnist S.E. Cupp

Biden will follow science — and that’s not the insult Trump thinks it is

It says a lot that Trump believed — and is likely correct — that his followers would disapprove of the notion that Biden would take his...

Columnist Lee Elci

Progressive's radical agenda lurks behind 'centrist' Joe Biden

The force of the federal government would be used to address all grievances, from controlling the cost of housing, to mandating the cars we drive, to...

Columnist Robert Reich

The public, the personal and the utter hypocrisy of the GOP

What's public, what's private, and where should government intervene? The question suffuses the impending election and much else in modern American...