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Don't be dumb, wear a mask!

Michele Obama has it right: this isn't a game. Yet, as their states burn, red-state politicians continue to refuse simple public health measures that will reduce the slaughter and revive our economy. Why? Because of psychotic fealty to President...

Gyms in Connecticut support being healthy

I am a 61-year-old Type 1 diabetic who is dependent on gyms to stay healthy. Going to the gym regularly is the single most important thing that I have done to stay healthy, as a diabetic for 30 years. I can understand restrictions on times and...

Biden no improvement

A companion to your recent editorial, “Trump's misbehavior is no laughing matter,” (Nov. 16), could be, "Biden dementia is no laughing...

Answers letter question

In response to Robert L. Vogel's letter, "So, why is anyone a Republican?", (Nov 19). Two reasons: greed and ignorance. The wealthy and the rest...

This reader not ready to concede election

As I read the ironically ironical irony of Leonard Pitts Jr.'s article, “Republican leadership becomes a joke in backing...

Cheeseman keeps ducking the Trump issue

How disappointing that state Rep. Holly Cheeseman continues to refuse to answer questions about President Trump, “

Will America fall?

The year America went down. From 1776-2020, 244 years of free speech and freedom. A prediction long ago was that America would last only 250 years. We did not quite make it. Howard Flora Ledyard

Day editorial attack unfair to Cheeseman

It has been a while since I have written a letter, but your editorial, “Trump’s misbehavior is no laughing matter,” (Nov. 16),...

Cheeseman got the better of debate with ink-barrel buyers

"All politics is local," a phrase attributed to the late Tip O'Neill, is clearly exemplified in an op-ed piece written by state Rep.  Holly Cheeseman and published in The Day, "

Bias shows in headlines

I could not help but notice the subtle change of tone in the headlines now that the election is over. On Nov. 6, a headline read “

Elci should have followed up

Lee Elci’s Nov. 18 column is an example of the whack-a-mole commentaries of the past four years, “No lack of...

A bad time to cough

I am writing regarding Emily Yahr’s article, “CMA Awards 2020: Best and worst moments,” (Nov. 12). The first thing that I have...



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Biden acting presidential. Someone has to.

In an attempt to act where the incumbent has not, Biden is reportedly pushing Democratic leaders in Congress to seek a speedy stimulus deal with...

New London updates its heritage

Heritage is lasting, but it is not static. The City Council did well to recognize what had become tarnished and whose history was being overlooked.

Courtney works across aisle on school-aid bill

This is the kind of nuts-and-bolts legislating that Courtney, a Democrat who has represented our local Second Congressional District for seven terms,...


Columnist Robert Reich

Trump's stress test for American democracy

Tragically, most elected Republicans are failing the test by refusing to stand up to Trump. Their cowardice is one of the worst betrayals of public...

Columnist Lisa McGinley

Don't let this be the anti-Thanksgiving

Even scaled down to one or two or a few people, the holiday will still feel familiar when we get to the part where we remember Thanksgivings past,...

Columnist Leonard Pitts

Greed is only greed

In an era of famished decency, generosity — of money, but more importantly, of spirit — offers not just gratification, but emotional...