Plan by Sen. Osten to get third casino built deserves consideration

Connecticut cannot afford to abandon East Windsor casino plan and it may take circumventing the Department of Interior to get it done.

Climate change conference achieved too little and too late

The Katowice meetings did not lead to agreements on the most pressing aspect of global warming — that it is occurring even faster than had been expected,

Texas judge goes rogue on Obamacare

A ruling does not get more activist than Judge O'Connor's decision to toss out the Affordable Care Act soon after Congress had the chance to do just that and did not.

New London port faces dynamic decade

The cards appear to be lining up to transform the New London port to the benefit of the city. The issue is how well they line up.

Confronting challenges for Mystic boathouse park

All parties need to be flexible to carry out Stonington's worthy plan to eliminate a brownfield and replace it with a public park and boathouse.

Yale and L+M affiliation a success story

New London treasured its independent community hospital but, If anything, the affiliation should have come sooner.

Looming Mueller report will test Congress

The country is facing an intense political drama and constitutional challenge. The need for calm, wise and nonpartisan leadership is urgent.

Don't rush relocation of New London offices

Yes, the city has to do something about its costly, aging buildings. But it has to take time to make sure it is the right thing.

Keeping Millstone humming

New competition rules for Millstone are welcomed because a sudden shutdown of the nuclear plant would pose a big problem.

Congress should approve federal prison reform bill

The chief obstacle to reform is Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. He should be pressured to allow a vote on a prison reform bill.

Resiliency is Connecticut's best climate bet

The response to rising sea levels in the state is not an either-or choice between drastic measures and reconstruction. Resiliency requires managing risk with every means available.

Lamont should embrace structural reforms to shore up unemployment fund

The governor-elect is right, Connecticut must be ready with structural changes now to prepare for the next downturn.


Democrats unyielding in pursuit of total power

Power is the essence of human nature. All through the thousands of years of human life, including today in America, power is the main goal of very...

Dark narrow road in Waterford no place for joggers

For the safety of all, including motorists, the Coast Guard Academy and Connecticut College in New London must put a stop to cadets and...

Republicans blow up health care system

The ruling by U.S. District Judge Reed O’Connor throws out the 2010 Affordable Care Act in its entirety, throwing the American health care...


Columnist Cal Thomas

And now the Boy Scouts, make it stop

Some of the alleged sexual abuses of Scouts go back to the '60s, according to The Wall Street Journal, precisely where the rending of American...

Columnist Richard Cohen

Trump's secrets of success have finally failed him

Trump's deceptions and his encyclopedic immorality brought him success but now will likely bring him epic disgrace.

Columnist Catherine Rampell

One of America's most successful exports is in trouble

Our educational exports are about as big as our total exports of soybeans, coal and natural gas combined. But all that may be at risk.