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Lamont must attend to New London wind project before it falls apart

Lamont’s like a teacher who left the room, blissfully unaware the students are firing objects at one another and work is not getting done as assigned.

Approve East Lyme police building plan in Oct. 1 vote

This police station saga has had more twists than your typical police detective mystery.

GOP should follow its precedent, await voter choice before filling RBG vacancy

The American people recognize this hypocrisy, this exertion of pure political power over any principle.

Trump's failure to lead has scarred our democracy

Instead of bringing the epidemic under control, the president has let the refusal to wear a mask become a symbol of righteous independence, and support for him.

Finally a final decision on high school football

A lot of sacrifices have been required during this ongoing health crisis. Going without high school tackle football this fall is one more young men will have to bear.

Enough games, find compromise to pass coronavirus relief bill

It is this kind of cynical game playing that leaves Americans so frustrated with, and disillusioned about, Washington politics.

Public service in the age of social media

It’s a powerful communication tool with many benefits for users who understand it. On the other hand, it also has a tremendous potential to cause damage.

Tong's suit against ExxonMobil boogeymen won't address climate change

While fossil fuels are the primary cause of climate-changing carbon emissions, there are myriad other contributors, and a longshot lawsuit against an oil giant won't address any of them.

Unfair to go outside the rules to obtain school choice

If you live in one town but maneuver to enroll your child in the public schools of another, you’re ripping off your municipal neighbors.

Together and apart in return to school

The state-led, locally planned experiment will be confusing for a while; risky until students, staff, bus drivers and parents are vaccinated; and may or may not give students normal levels of foundational skills. Still, it is impressive.

Downplaying the 'storm' didn't stop it

Trump had the information to fulfill his most fundamental duty: to protect Americans. He failed.

New London passing on military vehicle sent the right message

The department’s initial decision to obtain a military assault vehicle through a federal surplus equipment program sent the wrong message — us against you.


Obama to blame for poor pandemic response

Would you have preferred it if President Trump went through the country yelling, “The COVID-19 is coming, the COVID-19 is coming?" To avoid...

Kamala Harris endangers both free speech and the unborn

One nation under who? Was the omission of the words "under God" by some groups at the Democratic convention a harbinger of what to...

Connecticut police are not the problem, accountability law ill advised

The rush to pass the Police Accountability Act (H.B. No. 6004) was the Connecticut General Assembly's and the governor's wrong move with good...


Columnist Lee Elci

Lamont fines for skipping mask contributes to COVID-19 overreaction

King Ned wants to ding me for a C-Note for disobeying his rules. But I am a citizen, not a subject.

Columnist Cal Thomas

Senate can grasp goal of court that secures conservative principles

The ability to return the court to its constitutional boundaries would be a win for the ages.

Columnist Leonard Pitts Jr

Black Lives Matter. Don't try to change the subject.

So stop asking me about Chicago. I require no instruction from you on how and when to mourn. More to the point, stop using tragedies to duck the...