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On Earth Day, celebrating a policy that moves beyond slogans

We support TCI as a commonsense measure to advance the development of green infrastructure.

Senate should follow House, end school vaccine exemption

Rather than religious conviction, parents are acting on false pseudo-science claims that vaccinations are linked to autism or other health issues. Science research has found no such correlation.

Connecticut got it right passing police accountability reforms

In the months since the landmark legislation was approved we have, unfortunately, only been reminded how much this law was needed.

Worrisome implications of the Afghan withdrawal

Without any U.S. contingent there, the Afghan government could well fall to the Taliban at some point in the future.

Paying for infrastructure

Under the Biden plan of infrastructure investment and increased taxation, the national debt is projected to reach 146% of GDP by 2041, as opposed to 149% without it.

Advice to Tucker Carlson on helping white folks

Carlson would rather scare white people than help them organize for decent health care and education, stronger labor protections, a more robust safety net and a sustainable planet.

J&J vaccine pause was right move, but creates big challenge

Failing to pause could have fueled the narrative that public health officials were willing to lie to the public about the safety of the vaccines and to coverup problems.

Connecticut faces big test in addressing pandemic learning gap

The plans announced by the Lamont administration using federal-relief dollars, are sound and ambitious. But the key will be how effectively those plans are executed.

Tribal 'family businesses' now led by their own

These are, fundamentally, family enterprises, albeit on a major scale, led by people of shared blood and heritage. Educational opportunities provided members the chance to move up in the family business

Making New London greener, shadier and healthier

A group of volunteers have quietly gone about the task of planting new trees in the city and making the extra effort to help assure they will be there for generations to come.

Concerning affordable housing, Connecticut must do better

What is unassailable is that housing options for low-income residents are almost exclusively situated in impoverished and often segregated communities.

Criticism of Georgia voting law well deserved

The primary goal of the changes in Georgia voting law is to suppress the Black vote in future elections. That is what is going on.


Graham's rich look at Black history

The obituary of Lawrence Otis...

Keith Hedrick is the 'write-in' choice for Groton City families

As a Groton City resident and someone who is planning on raising my family here, I am proud to support Keith Hedrick for mayor. Keith leads by...

Please vote Bumgardner in Groton City, a 'phenomenal listener'

I write in support of my friend, Aundré Bumgardner, who is running for mayor of Groton City. Aundré and I worked together through the...


Columnist Lee Elci

Rejecting the left's false 'unity' of mandated beliefs

Diversity has always been the liberals go-to phrase to define American strength. So, it's somewhat ironic that after reclaiming the national...

Columnist Robert Reich

Biden's industrial policy is the key to his economic restructuring

America's old industrial policy was stifling innovation and gauging taxpayers and consumers. The challenges ahead demand a very different economy.

Columnist Paul Choiniere

A 'delicious' mayoral contest in City of Groton

Unusual campaign ingredients have produced an absolutely delicious political dish, spiced up with all sorts of political subplots.