Roadblocks don't make good neighbors

Less extreme measures, which do not raise constitutional concerns or invite reciprocal roadblocks to be set up at other state borders, could accomplish the goal nearly as effectively.

Someone padlock that refrigerator!

We’re eating peanut butter by the spoonful, popcorn by the handful, ice cream by the bowlful. We’re eating over the kitchen sink, standing at the counter and yes, in bed.

Relief package incredibly costly and complex, but undeniably needed

By any measure, it is the biggest emergency package ever approved in a single vote. How big? It equals 46% of the $4.8 trillion federal budget.

Small kind acts amid a big crisis

COVID-19 may have us in its grips, but the community is coming together in many ways to try to ensure we all have some bright spots in otherwise bleak days.

Apart physically but watching out for each other

Our heroes have alway been the ones who try to leave no one behind, while looking reality in the face.

One way to beat the coronavirus blues: Pet adoption

Not only might this be a perfect time for people to adopt or foster, it may be a time when saviors are especially needed.

Making sure senators work to benefit us, not their stocks

Buying and selling stocks while receiving non-public information, or making legislative decisions that affect your stock’s value, are clear conflicts of interest.

Protecting the sanctity of our elections in time of pandemic

One thing the nation cannot postpone is the scheduled election to select its leaders, including the president.

Welcomed development in State Pier conversion

A four-month window provides reasonable time to find alternative accommodations, while getting the site cleared so work can begin in earnest at State Pier.

The world will never be the same

In light of this life altering pandemic, our world will change. The question is what will it look like?

Don't give up on Pawcatuck riverfront project

Helping the village of Pawcatuck realize its potential remains a worthy goal. And while the health crisis will delay those efforts, it should not derail them.

Biden's VP pick. Third times a charm?

Joe Biden's announcement that he will pick a woman running mate makes sense, but he should have led with his views of qualifications for the job.


Catholic Diocese should have been transparent about program ending

At a Sunday Mass before services ceased due to COVID-19, Catholics at masses throughout the Diocese of Norwich watched a video...

Groton should postpone critical hearing until people can attend

The Groton Town Council is weaponizing COVID-19 against its own citizens. A public meeting is scheduled for April 7 to allow the citizens to...

Will Groton use COVID-19 crisis as excuse to silence the public?

The town held a formal presentation about the possible development of the Seely School property on Feb. 19 at the Town Hall Annex. About 70...


Columnist Paul Choiniere

Democrats can make reform a winning issue

Senators and members of the House of Representatives, and often their top aides, know stuff the rest of us don’t, or at least know it sooner.

Columnist Leonard Pitts Jr

In Trump they trust, facts be damned

Trump denied there was a threat. His administration failed to prepare. And even now he talks of quickly getting back to normal even as the pandemic...

Columnist Cal Thomas

So do you ever think about what became of Dan Quayle?

Quayle thinks his fellow Hoosier, Vice President Mike Pence, is "doing an outstanding job. He's a comforting voice. He knows his facts. He does his...