Trump's racist trope must be condemned

We should be shocked that a president, in the year 2019, would stoop to such a racist approach to his political opponents, but we are beyond shock when it comes to this president.

Elegy for some gentle giants

For generations, copper beech trees were the ultimate survivors, defying hurricanes and nor'easters, but something is killing many of the signature beeches of southeastern Connecticut.

Bringing balance to New London politics

Voters may not be ready for a Republican or a Green as mayor, but they are surely ready for a good contest. And regardless of who wins, New London will be better for a real debate on the issues that the city faces.

Dealing with the beavers of Black Hall Pond

State and local officials have said there is little they can do about the beavers and the dam. If their hands are tied, what is an individual homeowner supposed to do?

Post-9/11 G.I. Bill eligibility gets a reprieve

A benefit that can be earned in 14 years but is cut off at 16 seems like bureaucracy at the expense of people who serve their country as a career.

U.S. women's soccer team has more than earned equal pay

While fulfillment of the demand for equity is but one step in combating a long history of gender discrimination, in sports and beyond, it is a critical one.

High school mascots for today's sports teams

Students want a mascot they can get behind, not one that stereotypes or excludes.

Hartford circus fire scarred the state

Loss of 168 lives was virtually one death for each of Connecticut's 169 towns. For such a small state, that loss was overwhelming and should not be forgotten.

Hypocritical harassment of Good Samaritans

Trump administration pleaded with Congress to appropriate billions of dollars to improve the appalling conditions to which migrants are subjected at the border but prosecutes volunteers who provide food and water.

United Westerly stands

Most municipalities have the capacity to follow Westerly’s lead in the United project by bringing together a group of high-energy, public-spirited residents with can-do attitudes.

Help the feds stop this scourge of robocalls

Authorities and telecom companies should keep up the vigilance, but so should consumers. Block robocallers, and report them.

Enact reasonable rules for short-term rentals in Noank, elsewhere

The type of guests who choose to stay in one of these properties instead of a traditional hotel generally want to get a more accurate taste of what it feels like to live in a community.


U.S. trails in clean air, water

Recently our genius president bragged about how the nation, under his leadership, has the cleanest air and water in the world and it keeps...

Rightsize state government

In his latest intellectually dishonest liberal diatribe, “

Debt will weigh down millenials

In June I attended a Mystic dinner hosted by a seasoned financial planner assuring people nearing retirement age that Social Security will be with...


Columnist Catherine Rampell

Judy Shelton is a dangerous pick for the Fed board

Shelton's about-faces call into question whether she would safeguard the Fed's political independence, a feature necessary for it to function.

Columnist David Ignatius

Like it or not, Trump is on a roll

Democrats haven't figured out a way to stop his forward momentum, even when they believe it's taking the country over a cliff.

Columnist Chris Powell

Finding some courage in Hartford?

Connecticut's history has shown that raising taxes, while seeming hard at first, is always the easiest thing in the end. Of course tolls are taxes...