Courtney has focused on getting the job done

If Democrats take the House of Representatives in November, as many pollsters see as likely, Courtney would almost certainly become chairman of the Seapower and Projection Forces Subcommittee.

Seize chance to lock up transportation funds

The amendment is meant to assure that money directed into the Special Transportation Fund is used for transportation, regardless of how that money is raised and where it comes from.

'Yes' to Question 2 to keep public land transfers public

Ballot question would amend state constitution to end disposal of publicly owned land without a public hearing.

Warren's DNA test

Now Warren needs a catchy label to prod the president into releasing his tax returns.

The irony of Sears' demise

Much as Amazon does today, Sears workers in massive warehouses, the largest in Chicago, organized, sorted and mailed the products through the Postal Service to Americans.

For sake of our kids, revive civil discourse

The young are exactly the people we need to give grown-ups an updated model of the civil conversation they used to use.

Republican policies are driving up deficit and missing an opportunity

This should not be happening. The economy is going strong. Unemployment is low. The nation had an opportunity to reverse its deficit spending.

Saudi Arabia must say what happened to missing journalist

Turkish authorities believe a Saudi journalist working for an American news organization was tortured and killed by a team flown in from Riyadh.

On climate change, denial can be deadly

While state and local initiatives are laudable, they are a weak substitute for the leadership of the United States in addressing a worldwide climate crisis.

Seize chance to end the litigation and open Harbor Light in New London to visitors

Hopefully, with both sides taking something positive away from the judge’s ruling, the court fight can end without further appeals and the job of figuring out how to reopen the historic lighthouse to visitors can begin.

Resolve Orchards tree dispute

While Washington battled over a Supreme Court choice, East Lyme homeowners were fighting over the worthiness of their trees.

President Donald Trump’s evasion of taxes and truth

The Trump family orchestrated a series of questionable and disturbing efforts to evade enormous amounts of income, gift and estate taxes, a New York Times report alleges.


Carney places people above the politics

When I turn on the television, I watch government officials compete for airtime – not because they have a worthwhile message but because...

McCarty had her chance but failed to help

It is unsettling that I have to send another letter to the editor to get my concerns addressed. I feel I have been more than fair in giving state...

Attitude makes Kepple best Probate pick

During what can be contentious times around elections, I think it is important to consider how fortunate we are that we have a number of...


Columnist Eugene Robinson

Trump has abdicated moral leadership on what should be core issues for America

The United States is more than a set of national interests. It is a set of ideas that have inspired seekers of freedom throughout the world.

Columnist Jennifer Rubin

Saudi connections another reason to elect Democrats as check on Trump abuses

Republicans have repeatedly showed us they don't give a darn if the president violates the Constitution or is influenced by his own financial...

Columnist Marc A. Thiessen

Democrats' smear of Kavanaugh sunk their own Senate chances

When you drag your party and your country down into the depths of political depravity, Americans will not reward you at the polls.