Experts assembled, now follow their advice

Best case scenario is that this turns out to be another health scare that arises, is managed, and recedes. But when it comes to preparation, underreaction is far more dangerous than overreaction.

CMEEC: Victim and paymaster

These legal costs are undermining the co-op’s mission to hold down rates for the customers of the municipal utilities that collectively own it.

Rising 'deaths of despair' a national crisis

Recent bad news that overdose deaths are up again in the region is part of a bigger story of may people, particularly young people, drawn to addiction and suicide.

Provide state funding to finish Norwich Hospital cleanup

Completing the cleanup is not only a moral imperative, considering that state decisions led to the situation, but a sound investment given the economic benefits that would result.

Theodore Bodenwein, publisher of The Day from 1891 to 1939

“The newspaper should be more than a business enterprise. It should also be the champion and protector of the public interest and defender of the people’s rights.”

- Theodore Bodenwein



Protect living organ donors from cost spikes

On Feb. 25 I testified before the legislature’s Insurance Committee in favor of HB-5255, “An ACT Concerning Living Organ Donation Insurance Discrimination.” This bill would protect living organ donors from discrimination when...

Failure to repair bridge places citizens in danger

Failure to Fund the Repair of the Bridge on North Stonington Road I am a resident of Old Mystic at 4 North Stonington Road in Groton. I am very disappointed in the Town of Stonington's decision not to fund the repair of the bridge. This is...

Vulnerable suffer due to corporate greed

It comes as no surprise that home health care companies are laying off direct care therapy staff, “Medicare...

Climate deniers can't handle the facts

A record is a record. How is it we have gotten to a point in our discourse and discussion wherein facts are easily and freely labeled as propaganda (Letter: "

Trump's troubling style darkens nation's future

Many are disheartened with President Trump’s use of power. He cleaned the swamp by making its inhabitants his cabinet secretaries. Environmental and education agencies are examples. One secretary rejects climate change and the...

Chilling reasoning for accepting Trump's actions

In his explanation for acquittal, Senator Lamar Alexander, R-Tenn., said he accepted much of the First Article of Impeachment: “The president asked Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden and his son, Hunter...the president withheld United States...

Know the rules for upcoming primary voting

Did you register as “Independent?” That means you are a member of the Independent Party of Connecticut. It does not mean you are unaffiliated. It is too late to change your affiliation for the April 28 presidential primary, but...

Antarctica temperature-record story was penguin aided propaganda

The Day published a Washington Post article on Feb. 8, implying that: “Antarctica just hit 65 degrees, its...

Trump's awful behavior shouldn't be tolerated

In response to Dr. Linden’s letter, “Tolerating Trump’s abusive actions invites a...

Bloomberg's flawed response to declining integrity

David Collins’ column “Bloomberg’s Connecticut spending is eye-opening,” (Feb. 8), expresses perspectives with...

It is a mistake not to introduce tolls

Tolls are road use fees that are the fairest way to provide funding for transportation infrastructure that is critical to our economic future. I would be happy to pay my share for having better roads when driving in Connecticut, as I do when...

Ignore news media in election decisions

Watching news about Russia meddling. MSNBC, Fox News, CNN, New York Times and The Day are meddling too, no? Citizens need to wake up and recognize they’re being played. Watch the debates, listen to the questions and consider the answers.



Columnist Lee Elci

Immigration bill a peek into future under Democratic control

House bill would gut immigration laws, enforcement and border control. It is dangerous.

Columnist Clarence Page

Once again Mulvaney, 'gaffes' the truth

The secret's out. The nation is going to need new, young immigrants to offset and support its aging population.

Columnist Chris Powell

Has toll debate launched new movement in Connecticut

Having triumphed improbably, will the movement fade away or evolve into something bigger, pursuing broader issues to bring state government to account?


A ban on hydraulic fracturing? No fracking way

A fracking ban would not just harm families at the pump and at the meter, but for all the goods and services they buy.

Deficit danger worse than we know

Add up all its “rosy in both directions” errors, and the CBO ends up with deficit projections that widely miss the mark and deficits that accumulate much more than what the CBO forecasts.


Constitution has failed, minority rules, upheaval will follow

The president now has tacit approval to use foreign aid for his personal benefit and ignore subpoenas and investigations. The president has transcended the Constitution.

Denmark not socialist, but values economic, educational fairness

For a Dane like me, the American Dream often looks like a merciless race to the top, in which everyone has to be the architect of their own fortune.

Why Bloomberg is best bet for Democrats

Bloomberg really is a moderate who can stand up to Trump. He understands what needs to be done to beat Trump.