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Still to do in East Lyme: Acknowledge the problem of racism

The resolution would be useless as an idealistic statement sitting on a shelf, but as a blueprint applied to policymaking and budget development, its fairness principles should underlie decisions in...

Government: Be honest about Covid

When the experts get it wrong, the stakes are high. If home tests aren't reliable, and breakthrough cases become more likely, false assurances can endanger people's health. Misguided advice also...

DeSantis pushes for freedom from COVID’s brutal reality

Here’s the cruelest thing about DeSantis’ schtick: Every day, more Floridians are losing their freedom. It might start with the loss of the ability to take a deep breath without...

Prevent fires, save lives

Sometimes the most potent tool in educating the public is a tragic example. New laws may come out of this, but fire safety education also should be a focus.

Theodore Bodenwein, publisher of The Day from 1891 to 1939

“The newspaper should be more than a business enterprise. It should also be the champion and protector of the public interest and defender of the people’s rights.”

- Theodore Bodenwein


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Laws should be enforced

A state task force for police reform has completed its recommendations which will be sent to the legislature for consideration. Among their recommendations is to stop police from enforcing minor traffic violations such as broken windshields,...

A happy passenger in New London

SUPERB! My only comment on the new “NLSmart SEAT” program is that it is marvelous. I have used the door-to-door bus ride twice and it does exactly what I have always looked for. I first proposed a similar program when I served on...

One person died as the result of Jan. 6 violence

Once again, The Day paper has stated on front page news, the oft proven lie of insisting that five people died on the Jan. 6...

'Viruses do not respond well to tantrums'

Author Michael Lewis in the book, “The Premonition: A Pandemic Story,” reports that one of the keys to controlling pandemics is to control spread via...

'Why are Americans so stiff-necked?'

My wife and I recently returned from a three times delayed due to Covid, Viking river cruise from Paris to Normandy and back to Paris. In every restaurant, museum or store we visited, we had to show our CDC-issued vaccination card or we would...

Don't overreact to isolated incidences

I read that some in East Lyme believe racism is a public health crisis. ("East Lyme officials resist...

Thanks for the 'truth'

The editorial, "The Big Truth," (Jan. 6) was well written and spot on. No false equivalencies. Thank you. We needed that! Lee Toth East Lyme

'America is now in fascism's legal phase'

It is a shame that The Day cannot publish such timely and comprehensive analysis such as Jason Stanley’s article, “America is now in...

Revive New London's Italian Dramatic Club

Whatever happened to the community gatherings at the “Italian Dramatic Center” (IDC)? I remember many of my older friends from the area used to enjoy plenty of happy evenings joining together for food and fellowship. Perhaps the...

Fake gift cards hurt Walmart shoppers

I am writing for you to print this letter to let people know about Walmart gift cards. Others and I received Walmart gift cards for Christmas. Some went shopping at Walmart the next day to find out the cards had zero balance on them, called the...

Groton Town leaders ignoring Mystic again

Why do the Mystic residents continue to see the town of Groton overlook them? After continuing to see dramatic flooding along Gravel and Pearl streets in addition to River Road in Mystic, I decided to write to John Burt, Groton town...

Objection to Build Back Better

The Day article, “Dividing ‘Build Back Better’ could save it,” (Dec. 29) is hilarious to say the least. In his haste to...



Columnist Paul Choiniere

Transforming Fort Trumbull, without a Coast Guard Museum

While the development of the residential properties and the community center will leave some parcels undeveloped, I suspect it won't be for long.


Smart progressives should love Elon Musk

What bothers some 20th-century progressives is that Musk is an unapologetic capitalist who mocks them for obsessing on his wealth.

Columnist Cal Thomas

New York: No longer a 'Fun City'

Crime in the city is rising quickly and adding to the fears and restrictions associated with the pandemic, which has hurt many businesses. Tourists are less likely to come to New York if they believe it is unsafe.



Get the kids outside. The potential for learning abounds.

Perhaps such an education model could allow the human race to survive the existential threats that burden us in this century.

Listen to science, not to others

What Mr. Jahncke has failed to grasp are two important notions in epidemiology: prevalence and variant.

R.I.P. Betty White

Thanks for the great example of feistiness and earthiness cloaked in a pseudo-traditional image. In the end, you did it your way and you have left us a great example plus a fortune of wonderful memories that will live on for decades, for which we...