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On Earth Day, celebrating a policy that moves beyond slogans

We support TCI as a commonsense measure to advance the development of green infrastructure.

Senate should follow House, end school vaccine exemption

Rather than religious conviction, parents are acting on false pseudo-science claims that vaccinations are linked to autism or other health issues. Science research has found no such correlation.

Connecticut got it right passing police accountability reforms

In the months since the landmark legislation was approved we have, unfortunately, only been reminded how much this law was needed.

Worrisome implications of the Afghan withdrawal

Without any U.S. contingent there, the Afghan government could well fall to the Taliban at some point in the future.

Theodore Bodenwein, publisher of The Day from 1891 to 1939

“The newspaper should be more than a business enterprise. It should also be the champion and protector of the public interest and defender of the people’s rights.”

- Theodore Bodenwein


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Graham's rich look at Black history

The obituary of Lawrence Otis Graham started my interest, maybe for you too. His works explored Black elite society in...

Keith Hedrick is the 'write-in' choice for Groton City families

As a Groton City resident and someone who is planning on raising my family here, I am proud to support Keith Hedrick for mayor. Keith leads by example and inspired my family to continue to invest in the city. A party endorsement is irrelevant to...

Please vote Bumgardner in Groton City, a 'phenomenal listener'

I write in support of my friend, Aundré Bumgardner, who is running for mayor of Groton City. Aundré and I worked together through the transition of the Connecticut Treasury from one administration to another in 2019. Aundré was not...

A needed hard look at school resource officers

A portion of a recent bill proposed at the Connecticut General Assembly, HB 6535,...

Airing dirty laundry of murder victim's family was unnecessary

“East Lyme lawyer represents man granted early release from prison through First Step...

Return Mayor Hedrick to office May 3 in City of Groton

The choice in the Groton City mayoral election should be decided by the demonstrated competence of the candidates. Age and race should not matter. Party affiliation does not matter. Competence to manage the combined $70 million budget of a...

Solar panel savings

Thinking about using solar panels? How about an electric bill of $7.75 that was due only to delivery charges? Yes, our bill to Eversource is $7.75 this month. All through winter it has been no more than $40. The company we dealt with was easy to...

Letter spot on

The letter sent in by Niel Spillane re: Derek Chauvin's conduct and the tactics of his defense lawyers, is absolutely spot on.

Biden targeting gun makers is wrong

America put Joe Biden in our highest chair. We all want someone to make responsible decisions for this country. Recently, constitutional advocates heard him speak of legal actions against firearm manufacturers, following shooting deaths at the...

New-tech vehicles need universal standards

The article on the electric vehicle (EV) startup Rivian highlighted their planned series of charging stations around the country. Until...

Flavored tobacco ban would drive dangerous black market

In response to the editorial, “Ban on flavored tobacco is worth revenue loss,” (April 6). A statewide ban on the sale of...

Rep. France acting like Georgia Republican

Remember the national outcry about the fraudulent election Connecticut held last November? No? Me neither. Apparently, some elected Connecticut Republicans do. They have proposed several bills in the General Assembly that mirror Republicans...



Columnist Lee Elci

Rejecting the left's false 'unity' of mandated beliefs

Diversity has always been the liberals go-to phrase to define American strength. So, it's somewhat ironic that after reclaiming the national political spotlight, the Democrats insist on a force-fed mantra of counterfeit unity.

Columnist Robert Reich

Biden's industrial policy is the key to his economic restructuring

America's old industrial policy was stifling innovation and gauging taxpayers and consumers. The challenges ahead demand a very different economy.

Columnist Paul Choiniere

A 'delicious' mayoral contest in City of Groton

Unusual campaign ingredients have produced an absolutely delicious political dish, spiced up with all sorts of political subplots.


If Court rejected vaccine passports, student mandate could fall

Legal experts generally see vaccine passports as constitutional, but we should not assume that this deference to state power would continue under the current Supreme Court.

Was pulling J&J vaccine the right move?

Based on the data we have, it looks like there really is an association between the vaccine and these blood clots.


Connecticut should focus on health value, not creating a state public option

Thinking that there will be substantially lower premiums to the public using the state employee health plan is a false hope.

State digital ad tax could kill small businesses

Businesses all across Connecticut are filled with concern about the new tax on digital advertising the state legislature is now considering.

Where is DiMauro's concerns for cuts in UHart academic programs?

Would that DiMauro’s slavish devotion to college athletics and the magical thinking that accompanies it translated also to academics.