Dr. Jon Gaudio

Each hospital feels like a family

Just like with families, some are warm and welcoming and others are dysfunctional and belong on "The Jerry Springer Show."

Rick Koster

Rick's List Juxtaposed Press Conferences Edition

My pal Jim Spinnato is a hypnotist and a very good one. It's true that, when I volunteered to be a subject at one of his live shows, he was unable to hypnotize me — which is a shame because he convinced the other subjects they were witnessing leprechauns...

Steve Fagin

What’s the point of just watching a buffalo?

I don’t know about you, but the first thing I do whenever I visit a national park is look for a buffalo to pet.

Rick Koster

Rick's List - Koster Compound Edition

I like to think that, at my best, I can at least be petty, jealous, and capable of wallowing in self-pity — typically in a waist-deep pool of tears salted with bitterness. I TRY, anyway.  As I look around the newsroom or talk to friends and family, most are bubbling...

Steve Fagin

Kayaking the waves: Who needs a surfboard?

Lovely two-footers broke gently against the sandy shore — big enough for easy surfing, but not so overwhelming that you had to worry about concussions and dislocated shoulders.

Robert Tougias

Wrens indulge in dust baths

I thought the heat had finally gotten to me the day I saw small pieces of dirt moving around on my deck.





Rick Koster

Rick's List - Dog Therapy Edition

More and more, as my wife Eileen and I watch coverage of events like Dayton and El Paso, the most soothing thing that happens is when our dog, Virgil, senses our collective despair and hops on the couch between us. It's like the...

Steve Fagin

A bouncy paddle around Fishers Island

Swept toward a gnarly, swirling cauldron at Wicopesset Passage during maximum flood last Sunday, I felt as if the entire Atlantic Ocean were squeezing through the tight channel into Fishers Island Sound.

Carol Sommer

On the corner of Church and Main

Taken before the turn of the 20th century, the photo shows a surrey and three men in front of what looks like a church.

Rick Koster

Rick's List — Hollywood Script Doctor Edition

You know what might be a fun job? A script doctor — the guy who gets called in to fix screenplays on films already in production. The problem is, I'm not sure how to integrate myself into the close-knit, competitive Hollywood...

Steve Fagin

A peak experience in Maine

A refreshing breeze on a steamy afternoon swept through the spruces as we clambered up a steep slope and emerged into a “Sound of Music” mountainscape offering expansive views from every compass point.

Rick Koster

Rick's List — Urban Legends Edition

Without urban legends, there would only be 11 horror films in history. They're THAT important! Occasionally, though, urban legends are real. I know this for a fact. Growing up, there was a cemetery just south of Dallas in a community...


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