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These shrimp burgers are bursting with flavor thanks to kimchi, ginger and scallion

Shrimp Burgers With Kimchi. (Photo by Tom McCorkle for The Washington Post)

Keeping a bag of frozen shrimp on hand is an ingredient strategy I have long relied on, and one which has proved especially useful these days.

With possible meat shortages looming, a dietitian talks substitutes

Here's some information about beans, soy and mock meats to keep in mind.

Review: Chefs dish on what it was like to cook for a dictator

No man is a hero to his valet, and no man is a complete monster to his cook — not even Idi Amin, though he comes pretty close. That's the chief takeaway from "How to Feed a Dictator," a fascinating collection of essays — part oral history, part reportage — by Polish journalist...

This salad uses lentils and canned salmon for a quick and tasty weeknight meal

Quick Lentil Salmon Salad (Washington Post photo by Marvin Joseph)

Recently, I wrote about my love of canned tuna. This week, I popped open another popular canned fish: salmon.





Marching into history

The piece lamented how rapidly local Civil War veterans were dying, and it listed the deceased — hundreds of them — by town and place of burial.

Rick's List — Call Me Rob Edition

Why do fighter pilots get to have all the cool names?