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A new political party? Connublicans?

If Connecticut Republicans can neither support nor disavow the president at the head of their...


RIP, Mike Shalin, a man who taught me everything

Former Fenway official scorer Mike Shalin dies at 65


Rick's List - "What I Did on my COVID Vacation" Edition

I have no direct knowledge of such things, but I'm speculating that, in a year or so, the...

Hiking the Arboretum: Nature preserve, living classroom

It now includes an extensive native plant collection, assorted ornamental trees and shrubs from...

Mistaken or wise?

I read recently that the only people who don’t make mistakes are cowards and slackers.


'Infinite money' reliance a dangerous strategy

Getting paid for doing or accomplishing nothing is a way of life in Hartford, encouraged by state government's steady subsidy of so many failures in the city.

Celebs acting badly should infuriate all

This is why the political lectures at Hollywood award shows often ring so hollow and feel so insulting.

Head-scratching numbers continue election doubts

It just doesn't add up. And Trump's legal team has less than two weeks to prove fraud is the reason.

The dangerous seduction of 'back to normal'

America wants to return to a reassuring normal, but Biden can't allow it. Complacency would be deadly. He has to both calm the waters and stir the pot.

Voters do not buy simple left/right arguments

Liberal Californians voted against affirmative action. Conservative Floridians supported a big hike in the minimum wage. Folks are not as simple as politicians and pundits...

Donald Trump is not Richard Nixon

In 1974, no one doubted that the law matters. But in the abiding criminality of the Trump gang, that bedrock principle of American life has been smashed.