Attorney general investigation of Connecticut Landmarks is finished

The office of Attorney General George Jepsen has been investigating how Connecticut Landmarks has...


Sons of G's have learned their lessons well

The kids of G's Fitness and Nutrition learned what the adults haven't merely taught, but lived at...


Hempstead Historic District and the quest for civil rights

In May 1963, a group gathered outside a New London department store protesting an incident in...

Rick's List — Dream Concert Bill Edition

One of the funniest and cleverest things I've seen in a long time was the fake press release...

Dark days are upon us

Our growing gloom isn’t just due to the planet’s axial tilt away from the sun.


And now the Boy Scouts, make it stop

Some of the alleged sexual abuses of Scouts go back to the '60s, according to The Wall Street Journal, precisely where the rending of American culture began.

Trump's secrets of success have finally failed him

Trump's deceptions and his encyclopedic immorality brought him success but now will likely bring him epic disgrace.

One of America's most successful exports is in trouble

Our educational exports are about as big as our total exports of soybeans, coal and natural gas combined. But all that may be at risk.

New Yorkers Yelling at New Yorkers

Schumer baited Trump into saying he'd take full blame for a government shutdown.

Politically correct holiday built on a on false foundation

Why are "indigenous peoples" any more deserving of special honor than Columbus himself?

In Connecticut politics, losing can be winning

History repeated itself when the loser of a close Senate race ended up with a job in government. Only this time it was a Republican who climbed into the life raft.