Kitchen improvements for 2021

With more time spent at home in 2020 homeowners may be considering improvements to make the home more efficient and comfortable for 2021. One room in the house that has gotten a lot more use in 2020 and will continue into 2021 is the kitchen. People are eating out less, cooking at home more and using kitchen space for remote work and school. As we continue another year of cooking, working and learning at home some improvements can make the kitchen more efficient and comfortable.

Comforting colors

If a total renovation or redecorating project isn't possible, some new paint on the walls can make a big difference in softening the mood of a room and promoting a feeling of warmth and comfort. Although white is a popular paint choice that creates the impression of cleanliness and space, softer neutral colors can help promote a feeling of cozy comfort. Kristina McGuirk writing for Better Homes & Gardens says, "While white remains the favorite kitchen color scheme, warmer shades will soon supersede the cool tones of recent years." While taking up projects like baking bread and bird watching became popular in 2020, neutral color choices can promote comfort at home as well. suggests a blend of two neutral colors called greige that can be mixed in different shades. The site describes greige: "Simply put, "greige" is the combination of the colors 'gray' and 'beige'." The site continues, "The more you lean towards gray, the more it becomes a neutral cold. The stronger the beige influence, the warmer the greige becomes." Neutral paint colors can be contrasted with a bright color accent piece like a rug or kitchen towel or enhanced with wicker baskets or woven placemats.

Larger kitchen islands

Kitchen islands formerly used mostly as an area for food prep are now also being used for increased activities like schooling and office work. The kitchen island may also be a common family gathering spot that offers close proximity to snacks and drinks. McGuirk observes, "In addition to serving as a place for food prep, cooking, and storage, the kitchen island has developed to accommodate work and studies with plenty of outlets." To create more space for the whole family to use the island at the same time whether to share a meal or to pursue a range of other activities either extend the existing island or add a second island to the kitchen.

Walk-in pantry

In addition to the need for more space at the kitchen island, more kitchen storage space is a growing need. Families regularly cooking and eating at home create a need to store more groceries, cooking supplies and other kitchen necessities like small appliances. A large closet or small room near the kitchen can be converted into a walk-in pantry for this purpose or a pantry can be built into a corner of the kitchen. Lauren Wicks writing for says, "Whether you're an avid home cook in need of organization for all your gourmet ingredients, an oenophile looking for a wine cellar, or a large family in need of a command center, a well-appointed walk-in pantry just might be the answer to your household's prayers." If space isn't available in or near the kitchen a pantry can be built in the basement, attic or garage.

With the kitchen getting a lot more use recently because of families spending more time at home, some improvements can be made to make the room cozier and more comfortable.


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