Wellness Ride stopped in New London on Sunday

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New London — Former professional hockey player Richie Crowley, as part of an 85-day Wellness Ride and “Athletic Art” installation, is biking across the U.S from July to October and arrived in New London Sunday.

The initiative is designed to educate people on the accessibility of healthy lifestyles and encourage individuals to invest in their own wellness. Crowley’s Wellness Ride is sponsored by Veestro, a gourmet, plant-based meal delivery service.

The journey started in Boston on Saturday, July 20, and ends in Los Angeles on Oct. 12. The Wellness Ride arrived in New London Sunday and proceeds to New Haven on Monday.

For the Wellness Ride, Veestro has created three delicious meals that supporters can donate to organizations feeding the hungry throughout America. Each meal is $5 and will be directly donated to organizations on the route.

“I believe wellness is far more than purchased diet and fitness trends,” Crowley said. “And I believe wellness to be far more accessible as well. Wellness, holistically defined, includes what we consume, how we move, our sleep, stress creation and management, but also love, gratitude, community living, and how we speak to ourselves. Wellness is also accessible which I define by affordable, convenient and representative of the individual. I wanted a way to make plant-based food accessible, convenient and affordable for all to participate in through an off-the-screen movement and that is how this idea was created.”

Editor's Note: This version corrects when the ride arrived in New London.


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