Lamont: We can’t afford silence in the age of Trump

Historically, the voters of our state have had a choice for governor between a Connecticut Democrat and a Connecticut Republican. Both candidates would offer up sensible, common-sense solutions, and people would go to the polls and decide who to hire.

No such choice exists this November.

I’m running as a Connecticut Democrat to fight for women, protect affordable health care, and stand up for our middle class. I have a plan to cut property taxes, lower regulations on business, and create jobs.

My Republican opponent Bob Stefanowski, on the other hand, is not running as a George or Barbara Bush Connecticut Republican. He’s part of a new breed of Republicans that is far too extreme.

This week, we saw what that means when it comes to women’s health care. Stefanowski said he’d “pass” on saying whether or not he’s in favor of confirming Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the U.S. Supreme Court. His silence is deafening. Stefanowski said it’s a federal issue, not one that affects Connecticut.

Really? It doesn’t affect Connecticut?

Tell that to the women of Connecticut when the next governor has an opportunity to appoint justices to our state’s Supreme Court. Tell that to the women of Connecticut when Kavanaugh joins Justices Thomas, Roberts, Gorsuch, and Alito to overturn Roe v. Wade. Because when that happens and a future Republican governor moves to ban choice here in Connecticut, Connecticut women won’t have a say in health care choices over their own body. That’s not a federal issue  —  it’s moral one. It’s a deeply personal one.

It’s no wonder President Trump endorsed Stefanowski. And it’s no wonder Stefanowski, during the Republican primary, gave Trump an “A” and called him “smart.” In the age of Trump, we need Democratic governors  —  especially when the alternative is offering policies as extreme as the ones we’re seeing out of Washington.

Our governors are not just the CFOs of our state  —  they are the leaders of our state. Their values have real consequences for people’s lives. At the moment when a Supreme Court nominee has credible accusations against him of sexual assault, at a time when that nominee, if confirmed, is going to be gunning for Roe and for Obamacare, Stefanowski is taking a “pass.”

That raises serious questions. Does the Republican candidate believe Judge Kavanaugh or his accuser, Dr. Ford? Does he believe Kavanaugh has the temperament to serve on the court?

I’ll fight for women and their health care. This is Connecticut in 2018, not 1964  —  when Estelle Griswold was charged with a crime in New Haven for providing access to contraception. She took her case to the U.S. Supreme Court and vindicated a woman’s right to make reproductive health care decisions without the intrusion of government.

If elected governor, I will never take a “pass” on the most important issues of the day —  especially when it comes to protecting women’s health care.

Ned Lamont is the Democratic candidate for governor of Connecticut.



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