Actress hits the skids in 'Florida'

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Kirsten Dunst is displaying a whole new facet as the struggling but resourceful young widow in Showtime’s new series “On Becoming a God in Central Florida,” premiering tonight. As the ambitious single mother, Dunst discovers her husband’s obsession with a pyramid scheme that put the family in dire straits. She determines to rectify the situation by out-maneuvering the con men.

Shooting was difficult, she says, because she’d just given birth to her son, Ennis, when filming began. But she worked hard on the character of the Machiavellian Krystal.

“For me, every character I approach, I work with someone and I kind of make my own witch’s brew of, this movie, this song, this character,” she says. “I did watch some Honey Boo Boo just to free myself up … Just to get a little more free in that way. There’s so much rage within Krystal that I feel like I don’t necessarily always get to express in characters, but I think us as women have a deep threshold. So I feel like a lot of things I could let out, and having just had a child and all of it. And I was so tired and we worked so hard … You just kind of put everything you have into it and be the most emotionally vulnerable you can so that you connect with your audience and each other while working."


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