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What if crowd had stormed someone's home?

The recent march on our Capitol included purpose but way more than that, a large group of Trump supporters were prepared to terrorize senators and representatives with damage, weapons, assault and fear.

I know if the crowd were to storm my house as a result of Trump’s stirring up his followers, that my family inside would be totally frightened. The rioting results would be trashing, damage, theft and death. This would even be after two hours of begging Trump to call off the mob.

Now I think back to 1954. I clearly remember asking my father about a House of Representatives shooting that left several wounded, one critically. Many times I asked my Dad about the struggle for recovery one man was lucky enough to make.

I think of the onslaught on my home if the riled-up crowd carried automatic rifles. The described carnage would surely have wiped out many of my family.

Now I wonder how to deal with Trump.

Robert Banker




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