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Cheeseman was there for Millstone workers

I am writing to express my strong support for state Rep. Holly Cheeseman (37th Assembly District of East Lyme and Salem). Cheeseman works tirelessly for her district and all of its constituents, including those of us who work at Millstone Power Station in nearby Waterford. She understands the importance of Millstone and its continued operation to the region. She worked across the aisle, with both Democrats and Republicans, to pass legislation that gave Millstone the opportunity to compete against other zero-carbon resources to supply cost-effective, carbon-free power to the state. Isn't that the quality and mindset we want in our elected officials these days?

Without Cheeseman’s efforts there is no doubt the plant would have been forced to close. If Connecticut is serious about meeting its carbon reduction goals in a cost-effective manner, it will continue to support Millstone Station and its hard-working employees, just as Cheeseman has done. I hope others will join me in supporting her in November.

Maria De Giovanni

Nuclear Chemistry Technician, Millstone Power Station

East Lyme



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