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Trump's awful record not worth rewarding with a second term

The Russians helped me, and I helped them. I lied continuously. I tried to kill your health insurance, environmental regulations and safety protections.

I let big pharma and big oil have their way and you paid. I made climate change worse and you got record heat, storms, flooding and costs. I invited bigots, racists and misogynists from under their rocks and called them “good people.” I took children from parents and locked them in cages.

I downplayed, politicized, mocked, mishandled, over promised and generally screwed up the pandemic response. I credit myself for the best response ever. My mistakes led to a horrible economic outcome.

I will do anything to keep power and the presidency. I am purging voters, blocking funding for safe voting and organizing thugs who will intimidate voters and suppress the vote. I am messing with the Postal Service to block mail-in voting. The GOP and I are suing to stop mail-in voting and to eliminate ballot drop boxes. I undermine confidence in the election, am unwilling to accept the results — inciting my supporters to challenge the vote if I lose. Your attorney general is my lawyer, Republicans my enablers, the Supreme Court my backup.

Donald Trump approves this message. Vote Biden

Peter Roper



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