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Drugs, not cops, are the real problem

First off, I abhor unwarranted police violence. That said, I really get frustrated when the liberal news portrays looting and rioting as protesting and unrest. It is violent activity at best!

I disagree with many mandates of Black Lives Matter, especially calls to reduce police countrywide. What I agree on, and it has not been mentioned, is the underlying problem with all that is happening − drugs! Drugs are the scourge of many young people, Black and white. Do you know that Blacks killing Blacks number in the thousands across the country? Most of it is related to drugs.

We need to develop ways to stem the flow of drugs into this country and to give the police more power to conduct their duties. I am sick and tired of the liberal establishment blaming everything on the police and the president. Drugs lead to murder, rape, domestic abuse, robberies, and other felonies. Let's get real and get drug dealers off the street, stem the tide of drugs into the country and stop bloody blaming everyone except the bad guys.

Daniel O’Brien




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