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Football players were selfish in their demands to play, leadership lacking

Who would die for football? Which players on the State Capitol steps thought they did not have a candidate in their family for early death? What was their thinking? Because football is important, they should be entitled to play?

They said on TV that it makes better people. If that is true, than what better people than those who give something up to protect others. If the football players thought they could guarantee that no family will contract COVID-19 from a game, then they are immune to education. If they were right, then the whole experience of the last seven months was a sham, and no one should have to wear a mask in school.

Should football get a pass because the players can be the loudest of the selfish? I love football and what it did for me in my life. But the whole lesson is lost to everyone. Had football resumed, we would have gone backwards at the worst time of year with flu to compound things.

Leadership is about tough decisions. Putting the tough decisions on a few in the health department was like forcing them to clear a mine field. Adults must act as leaders. 

We are in good shape, let's not cause a single death by succumbing to misplaced sympathy. 

Michael J. Gaffey

Old Lyme

Editor's note: Despite player objections, state athletic officials decided last week not to proceed with fall high school football. 


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