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The Day is a great example of a free press

I was born in London, England, on July 28, 1945, "between VE Day and VJ Day." World War II looms large in my history. I am glad to be alive at 75.

We arrived in the states in 1958. I lived at the Jersey shore during the upheavals of the 1960s. I have a searing memory of a white guardsman gleefully looking forward to quelling the riots in Newark so he could "shoot an N," using a word I will never utter.

I moved to New London for a job with the Model Cities Program of 1969 and have read The Day with pleasure since. We need a free press!

Thanks, Rick Koster, for introducing me to Dietrich Bonhoeffer's quote on stupidity. He was executed in April 1945, a last-gasp revenge of the dying Nazi regime.

Thank you David Collins for reporting the plight of Kevin Blacker, a man who has freely admitted committing civil disobedience to bring attention to the State Pier debacle. His charges have been elevated to a felony under what could best be described as a convoluted and costly revenge plot.

Finally, in my dotage, am I going to have to chain myself to an immovable object at City Pier to prevent the construction of the Coast Guard Museum in a stupid location?

Katharine Hill

New London



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