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U.S. electorate needs to grow up, now

Day contributing columnist Lee Elci has shown readers the source of America’s problems and it is him, though not singularly. Our nation is faced with a merciless pandemic, a gutted economy, a fiery hell on our western coast and flooding of Biblical proportions on our southern coast, but Elci complains that the Democratic National Convention failed to entertain him ("Democratic convention was painfully boring, its message empty," Aug. 27).

Elci enjoyed the Republican National Convention, which included feature speaker Abby Jonson who thinks married women should not be allowed to vote. It is too bad the Republicans pulled QAnon speaker, Mary Ann Meadows, off the roster at the last minute. Her wacko racist paranoia would have riveted Elci. He was so entertained, he did not notice all the lies and disinformation, though most people did.

We do not elect leaders to entertain us. We do not elect them to ignore our problems. We elect them to solve our problems.

We, as an electorate, need to grow up. We need to lengthen our attention spans, develop our empathy, and stop expecting our every selfish whim to be catered to. Our collective childishness has gotten us into one heck of a mess. We get out of it by being adults, accepting responsibility and putting in the work.

Anita Dees

New London



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