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Population numbers clarify COVID-19 picture

Robert Reich's COVID-19 numbers should have included population.

In his column, “The personal is political — which is why Trump’s in trouble,” (Aug. 25), Reich reported gross numbers telling a horrible story. He compared the one-day death toll from the coronavirus for the United States of 1,096 and the few deaths the same day in six other countries.

He failed to account for the significant population sizes in his comparison of the seven countries.

I have been following country death rates (deaths per million population) daily. Indeed, it is a horrible story. As of the end of August the U.S. rate was 2.3 times higher than Canada, 4.9 times higher than Germany, 1.2 times France and 60 times higher than Japan!

However, we are lower .9 times than the U.K. and .9 times than Spain.

So, Canada, Germany, France, and Japan are handling the crisis much better than the United States. National health care?

Andrew Kowal




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