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Publishing Trump mask comments about Biden was irresponsible

I am very concerned about the loss of good newspaper journalism in this world of social media. I subscribe to your newspaper looking for accurate and trustworthy sources of news. I realize that on the editorial page there should be columns expressing different points of view and in an election year there will be large differences of opinion.

I am writing today, Sept. 6, to object to the highlighting in upper right hand corner of the print edition a photo of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden in a mask with a quote from President Trump ridiculing Biden for doing the right thing and inferring that Biden has psychological issues. Why on earth is that very dangerous statement undermining the need for everyone to be protected from this virus being highlighted?

That is irresponsible journalism! That kind of misinformation should not be repeated let alone highlighted with photo. Brush up your journalistic principles please.

Shirley L. Rosseau




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