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History will harshly judge the placatory

I was extremely disappointed with our first selectwoman’s response detailed in a recent Day article about “getting to know” Bob O’Shaughnessy, "Stonington police commissioner addresses controversial social media posts," (Sept. 10).

When I voted for her, it was with the belief that she would not be afraid to be controversial in the face of racism. I understand the desire to placate both sides in politics, but this is not a space in which one can be neutral.

This is not about Facebook or social media "dividing us." Marginalized people across this country are dying because of beliefs like those espoused by Bob. That he is in a position of power is, frankly, terrifying.

That anyone can boil this down to people just needing to "get to know" him frightens me. We should be focused on making the commission and other groups more diverse, not making apologies for bigoted statements. When history looks back, it will harshly judge those who continued to be silent during calls for change.

Meghan Blanchette



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