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Living in a Bizarro World

It feels like we are living in a Bizarro world. A world where we ask how long will this pandemic last, when to mask, how to social distance, how to test and trace and when will the economy recover?

Depending on what major cable channel you listen to, there are contradictory answers.

If you listen to the president's briefings, you may feel like you are listening to a political rally sprinkled with fairy dust. During this crisis we need a leader who will give us the unvarnished truth, devoid of politics and self-serving rhetoric. A leader who will tell the truth and deliver a message that is clearly articulated and builds confidence that the information being provided is based on good science, facts and figures. I am getting all this from Governor Andrew Cuomo during his one-hour daily briefings. His message is straight on whether it is good news or bad, delivered with clarity and facts with no underlying political leaning. He stays on point without bashing or demeaning others while showing empathy for all of us enduring this crisis.

After his one-hour briefing, I turn off the television, go out to play with my dog and try to think positive thoughts for the rest of the day.

Marshall Chiaraluce




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