Trump's troubling style darkens nation's future

Many are disheartened with President Trump’s use of power. He cleaned the swamp by making its inhabitants his cabinet secretaries. Environmental and education agencies are examples. One secretary rejects climate change and the other prefers private schools. The House has passed over 400 bills on infrastructure, climate concerns, drug prices, etc. Republican Senator Majority Leader Mitch McConnell will not allow votes in the Senate.

In all our institutions, we are watching the dismissal of career people whom Trump calls traitors; not to the Constitution but to him. The great strength of democracy is in a free press, and the people’s right to know. Trump denigrates it as the “enemy of the people.” That is right out of Fascism.

We are reminded of past fascist regimes − the feeding on people’s grievances, the destruction of democratic laws and institutions, the demonizing of those who believe in and protect democracy. Are we slowly getting there?

Bernice Krantz




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