After Romney vote, recalling a traitor

Glancing at some of the local and national newspaper editorials that followed the vote to acquit the president, I saw much unbridled praise for Sen. Mitt Romney's political courage and in voting to convict President Trump for abuse of power.

It brought to my mind another heroic figure in American history, a man who rose to be one of the most successful generals of the War for Independence, a man highly respected for his patriotic service − Benedict Arnold of Norwich. Some have said his treasonous behavior was triggered by General Washington's seeming indifference to his many military victories or possibly even by his wife's lack of enthusiasm for the cause of independence, even perhaps by a severely alcoholic father. And then there's that plausible old excuse of pure jealousy and envy, which have ruined many a young career. Who really knows for sure?

But, apparently, after hightailing it to England following his conversion experience, Arnold had a rather anonymous, lonely life, for even the Brits don't favor a traitor.

Peter Wilson




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