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Day photographers great. Elliot: 'A genius among us'

A genius among us. As a reader every day for over 50 years, I don’t recall seeing a bad photo by any Day photographer. 

For those of us amateur photographers, we know how hard it is to capture what our mind wants. Even when you think you are ready, many variables must line up instantaneously framing the scene, lighting, facial expressions, background, etc. 

Once a balloonist “kissed” the Mystic River with the basket 100 feet from me. I had no camera.

A friend in the 1960s asked me to photo him dunking a basketball. Two rolls of 36 used. No luck. 

In the '80s I hired a world-class photographer, Michael Lawton. His photos were in National Geographic. He took over 300 photos of our AT&T employee bicyclists for a teamwork brochure cover to get the “right” one. 

The Day has a genius photographer in Sean Elliot. Coast Guard graduates tossing their hats, a sub passing the lighthouse, little ducks crossing the street, local sport players, all his photos mostly get it perfect. Thanks Sean. 

I would love to see a table book showing local photos of his best and other Day photographers. A revenue source/fundraiser may cover it.

Robert Jastremski



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